The first Asian spa fitness complex with 39 degrees of fitness. mcncc

Asia’s first spa 39° fitness fitness complex blend; new appearance in November 19th, fusion spa held a "blend of 39° fitness promotion and love sports conference", launched to build a new high-end fitness club "with 39° fitness", build "breathing Gym", to promote green sports places in the fusion spa to the public. In November 19th, the "fusion of 39° fitness promotion and love sports conference in hot springs in the spring with · the town was held successfully. The prime minister, fusion spa Jiang Tao "with 39° fitness" kicked off. According to reports, with 39° is the fusion group’s high-end brand of fitness, in the blend inside the hot, total area of more than 3 square meters, the use of international top U.S. forces will really PRECOR health LIFEFITNESS instruments and equipment, the introduction of New Zealand Lummy course system; fusion 39° fitness also reached a strategic cooperation and the Asian fitness Institute, is designated for education and training the Asian base of the college health management and Sports Science in Chongqing. With 39° fusion 39° fitness; fitness with 39° in addition, fitness also set up Chongqing’s first top outdoor sports area, can be popular in the international outdoor training CROSSFIT, can also directly into the nature, outdoor hot yoga, participate in the exclusive spa opened aerobics class and waterfit course. The forest in the Aerobics class…… With 39° fusion 39° fitness; fitness love over gold for you by 2016 seventh love sports fusion Spa – "love over gold for you" was also the official launch on the same day, the seventh session of the "fusion spa love sports love over gold for you" officially launched. Chongqing Sina joint fusion spa throughout the city to collect 10 groups of fat love challenges CP, they will be in 39° fitness fitness training + spa 28 day experience, reducing competition results. After the end of the experience, the body fat rate reduced most of the first three groups of CP can win gold prizes. The CP represents the challenges involved in reducing appearance of love over gold for you by fat couples in the challenge started before exercise, the fitness coach for each of them were measured by body fat, accurate analysis of making scientific plans for their fat movement.  相关的主题文章: