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The environmental protection department interviewed 2 municipal government responsible person to curb the deterioration of the environment the original title: Ministry of environmental protection on the issue of environmental protection, Weinan two interviewed Yangquan municipal government is mainly responsible for the Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 5 November, (reporter Gao Jing) for 1-9 months of this year in Shanxi Province, Yangquan City, Shaanxi Province, Weinan city environmental quality worsening of the situation, the Ministry of environmental protection the 3 day of the two municipal government is mainly responsible for the interviews, to urge the two city as soon as possible to curb the deterioration of environmental quality. The Ministry of environmental protection through the organization and scheduling of on-site inspection, environmental monitoring, environmental law enforcement and satellite remote sensing data, found that two of air and water pollution is serious, do not implement environmental responsibility, environmental regulation is not in place, environmental protection is not as slow as the situation. 1-9 months of this year, Yangquan, Weinan two cities, PM2.5, PM10 concentration of the same period last year, a significant increase in the proportion of fine days decreased significantly. Included in the national assessment section, and all Aries villa and Longmen section water quality deterioration. The Ministry of environmental protection believes that the two major problems in the following areas: air pollution control ineffective. Yangquan City Department of coal gangue spontaneous combustion, smoke dust pollution prominent, has become an important factor affecting the quality of atmospheric environment. Yuxian Zhongxin coking company and Weinan City, long Shun far Kam calcium hydrogen calcium industry enterprises dust or exceed the standard discharge, or fugitive emissions serious situation prevailing in two cities at the same time, the construction site dust, waste incineration pollution, debris transport does not It is often seen. debris cover conditions. Water pollution problems highlight. Yangquan sewage pipe network construction lag, urban sewage centralized treatment rate of only 62%, far lower than the state clearly in the end of 12th Five-Year to reach the requirements of 85%. Last September to June this year, about 40 thousand tons per day of untreated sewage straight row peach river. Weinan City Village Industrial Park sewage treatment facilities has not been put into operation, wastewater straight row of Ishikawa; otherwise the enterprise wastewater straight row of the river, pollution problems. Environmental supervision needs to be strengthened. 1-9 months of this year, Yangquan failed to better implement the new environmental protection law of the four supporting measures. Since 2013, in the area of experimentation area illegal new artificial facilities 2 natural protection in Weinan city of Hancheng Huanglongshan national, existing 7 artificial facilities scale is still expanding. – inspection also found that local environmental risks highlighted, such as some of the abandoned tailings pond without seepage control measures, hazardous waste, such as illegal dumping. The Ministry of environmental protection requirements in interviews, Yangquan city and Weinan municipal government should be in accordance with the national environmental quality ", not only better variation" requirement, fulfill the main responsibility in accordance with the law, strengthen the sector linkage, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, strict accountability, deepening the atmosphere and water environment governance, strengthen environmental supervision, curb the deterioration of the environment quality as soon as possible. The action plan should be within 20 working days, submitted to the Ministry of environmental protection, and report to the local people’s government at the provincial level. Yangquan, Weinan municipal government official said in a statement that will be sincere to accept, to face up to the problem, as soon as possible to come up with corrective actions to ensure the rectification work carried out. (end) editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: