The eight year hardcore game player ” black soul uncle ” ll had 3 hours continuous love-splitit

The eight year hardcore game player " black soul: the love of Uncle " LL had 3 hours a fusillade of Japanese Osaka operates a barber shop named "three plus" old, before the age of 80 but due to its keen on playing "dark soul" this kind of high difficulty "battered" game on electricity as netizens dubbed the "Black Ghost uncle". The black soul uncle but also have a lot of the audience to the black soul 2 dead in the thousands of man have been questioned, so the Japanese media recently to him again a detailed interview, unlock the hearts of the puzzle game player. The black soul in the 60 year old uncle sixty years of age in the first PlayStation for the first time to experience the fun of the game, since then has a get out of hand. In addition to the game, he has other hobbies such as photography and models. The game of black soul uncle said the old man in the room all by playing the game, and also found him on "LoveLive", and "the chariot" girl emerging animation entertainment also showed higher interest, he is very love of the girls’ music, and of their blue disc. Black soul uncle favorite LL black soul uncle said, favorite or FromSoftware. Because they do not serve the spirit of the players, an inattentive will have to start again. The deepest impression is the demon soul, to defeat the dragon with bow and crossbow shooting for 3 hours. But for FromSoftware’s other series, armored core, he doesn’t feel like eating, and he’s spent a lot of time playing games outside From’s game, like the tower of shadows. The game time of nearly a thousand hours of nearly a thousand hours of "black soul" career can be seen in the figure above, now his favorite game is "dark soul 2", he is challenging many weeks, has collected 10 months of soul. In addition, the soul of darkness 3 on the PS4, he also began to consider replacing the hardware device. Black Ghost uncle and his barber shop for the game benefits to him, he said to this age often start to think about things in the past, in the game scene as if he had to travel as actual in memory, when playing "ICO" was really crying. Black soul uncle of the game’s role in the end he said that people from what age to try new things are not too late. Although he was 60 years old, but now there are also the depth of the age of the players for the age of 20 years, the experience gained here is no less than the previous life. (source: 3DM editor: BZ) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: