The eight Central Enterprises for the first time the industrial integration of AVIC poly estate tran

The eight Central Enterprises for the first time the industrial integration of AVIC real estate transfer poly hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million Beijing daily news (reporter Xiao Wei Lin) in China for many times emphasizing the central enterprises to fitness and health, quality and efficiency, the SASAC held yesterday, industrial restructuring of central enterprises integration cooperation forum, SASAC director Xiao Yaqing at the meeting made it clear that there are 8 central enterprises in the spirit of friendly consultation, mutual benefit and win-win principle, to achieve cooperation in related fields. It is understood that this is China’s first organized, the scale of the cooperation between the central enterprises to promote industrial restructuring and integration, the future, the SASAC will continue through business integration, asset restructuring, equity and other ways of cooperation, to promote the central enterprises to optimize the allocation of resources. It is understood that the 8 central enterprises under the guidance of the SASAC to make an example are the aircraft industry, the weapons industry, weapons and equipment, nuclear construction, the national machine group, Poly Group, and a new China in China. Among them, the aviation industry has signed a transfer agreement with the real estate business group. In July this year, the aviation industry on the announcement that the reorganization scheme is planning and real estate business group, listed companies may involve business assets, so the suspension, now the agreement was finally settled. In fact, the aircraft industry in the real estate business quite powerful, involves many fields of shopping malls and hotels, as of the end of March this year, the real estate business aviation industry’s total assets amounted to 23 billion 980 million yuan. But because the real estate is not the main business of the aviation industry, the State Council asked the central enterprises combing non main business and assets, increase efforts to clean up does not have the advantage of non main business background, the aircraft industry will be transferred to the real estate business overall stripping, the main real estate field of the group. In the rest of the central enterprises, the nuclear construction and Chinese a jointly developed nuclear power projects, the national machine group and China aviation industry together, the integration of forging industry, to create high-end international leading supplier of die forging. Weapon industry, weapons and equipment company signed an agreement with the new national joint venture to promote China’s third major defense products manufacturers – China North Industrial Company restructuring. Xiao Yaqing pointed out that at present our country the development of the central enterprises are uneven, some industry overcapacity and supply shortage, in the manufacturing industry, sales of many low-end products in China is poor, a large backlog, but the key components are heavily dependent on imports of high-end equipment. The central enterprises of industrial integration, help enterprises between the complementary advantages, not only can break the common key technologies of industry and enterprise development, but also to expand the supply of high-end, promote the transformation and upgrading of industry, one of which is a manifestation of the supply side reform. Chinese Enterprise Institute chief researcher Li Jin told the Beijing Daily reporter, before China took more so that the central enterprises overall merger, but this will lead to a large number of displaced persons appear to now The climate does not suit one. problems such as single factors of the integration of central enterprises in resources, technology, breaking the central enterprises internal system plate that can make more accurate on the reorganization of central enterprises相关的主题文章: