The death of the king of Thailand or the political instability caused by serious economic interferen-tonya mitchell

Thailand king died or caused by political instability and economic material not interfered with the original title: King of Thailand died or caused by political instability and economic data from any serious interference in the new network on 14 October, according to foreign media reported on 14, recognized as a symbol of national unity Thailand King Peng Pu eyebrow died suddenly Thailand’s political instability atmosphere. But analysts believe that Thailand economic activity will not be seriously disturbed. Thai King’s health continued to deteriorate for many years, but the royal family of Thailand has never publicly discussed the question of succession to the throne. Therefore, Thailand how to deal with the first time in 70 years to replace the monarchy, there is no clear statement. The people of Thailand with King image travel behavior of King Bhumibhol birthday blessing. Is generally believed that the 64 year old prince Vajiralongkorn (Maha Vajiralongkorn) will inherit the throne. But in Thailand, and held the throne enthronement usually separated by a period of time, sometimes lasted for several years. Most of the time after the adult Vajiralongkorn settled in Europe, but his father was seriously ill after he has to take more responsibility for the Royal family. Chulalongkorn University political scientist Titina said: "we feel anxious and worried about the near future, because in the past, the king plays an essential role in Thailand from a backward village development into a modern country, the king also plays an important role." The military government has promised to hold an election by the end of 2017, but before and after the election timetable pushed back and forth. Data figure: Pakistani Prime Minister of Thailand. The world’s largest political risk consultancy Eurasia Group (Eurasia) risk analyst published in the death of Peng Pu eyebrow before the news report said that the military government may further delay the election date to 2018, while the Thailand stock market and currency volatility in the Thai baht the king died. However, the five diplomats in Bangkok believe that as long as the smooth transition of the throne, Thailand’s economy will not be seriously disturbed. Eurasia Group said: "we predict is stable to the throne to Prince Vajiralongkorn, the king died because of market fluctuations do not appear too long." Overall, the impact of the investment environment will be "very small", is not expected to exceed the initial period of 100 days of mourning. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: