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The couple "rich" wrong way – theft lock husband wife Beijing "husband and wife, the benefit payments, that is as long as the heart to want to make an effort to overcome any difficulties in life. However, a couple of Dazu, will be well used in the crooked places: in order to build up the family fortunes, two couples thought of theft, a lock, a start, less than a year on revenue of 7 yuan. The router also steal their taxi is more than 9 Video spoils the morning of September 7th this year, who lives in Dazu District Tong Xiang North East Street of a residential building by Mr. Li have a home to go to work, shut the doors and windows. 8 pm, Mr. Li returned home and found the home wireless network can not be used, then go to check the room but found the router, the router take wings to itself. Li suddenly realized that the home may be stolen. After careful inventory, a total of two bags of more than 1500 yuan missing. Subsequently, Mr. Li to the Dazu District North Gate police station. After the incident, the police according to the results of the scene investigation and sort out the string, that the recent occurrence of a number of burglaries occurred in the same group of people. The police followed the transfer of the incident surrounding the site of video surveillance, and part of the taxi car monitor, and ultimately get to the process of suspects in the taxi spoils. The husband and wife husband wife to start playing with theft suspect human physical characteristics in the video, the police carried out a large number of visits to the investigation work, eventually locked the suspect Liu and wang. Liu is 37 years old this year, Wang, aged 38, the couple is a husband and wife, the same as the people of the South Bank of the district. After months of waiting for the police Liu, Wang residence. September 12th, the police in the south bank District, a new residential area will be arrested in the sweet scented osmanthus, in the vicinity of the south bank District Wanda Plaza, Liu captured in October 26th. "We don’t have a regular job, we borrow a lot of money, and life is very difficult." Liu, Wang confessed to the police, in order to get rich, two people ready to discuss the implementation of the theft. Husband Liu bought from the Internet unlock tool, the implementation of the theft, the wife of Wang gave him along the way. Two people from November 2015 to September 2016, in Dazu District, Hechuan District, Nan’an District, for more than a decade since the crime of theft of property, more than 7 yuan. Currently, Liu, Wang suspicion of theft has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is being further processed. Police remind the replacement as soon as possible C more secure lock according to the suspects confessed, and found the police investigation, the implementation of technology unlock burglary is usually 2 to 3 theft gang crime time, selected in the working days, the target of crime for the property management is lax, no security on duty, the use of ordinary anti-theft door, a font the lock core of the household. Before the crime, a lookout, another person by listening to the sound or determine the home if someone is knocking at the door. When committing the crime, gang members to keep in touch with each other, once found dangerous immediately terminated, and quickly fled the scene. For technical unlocking theft, the police reminded to do the following to reduce the risk of theft: 1 A-level, B lock security is relatively weak, C lock structure is complex, safe相关的主题文章: