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The country is very poor, but the train is a must! [lead] Tourism – Sohu this is a small section of the public, the newly opened: small Shun travel inspiration. Every time I use a short space to talk about a small window I encountered in the trip, to give everyone a little reference. Welcome to pay attention to "Liu little Shun" public number: lxslvxing (- press copy), 80 travel writer Liu Xiaoshun will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! Do not write boring Raiders, only to give you the inspiration to travel to Sri Lanka, the most can not miss, is the country’s railway lines. One of the most famous is the two paragraph: from Nanuoya to Ella tea line, from Galle to Colombo beach line. Sri Lanka is the world famous Black Tea origin, the shuttle train line in the big tea producing areas in Black Tea, eyeful of green tea, really good to hear or see. Train door is not closed, local people like hanging in the doorway, but does not recommend that visitors do Oh, pay attention to safety. Sri Lanka, although rich in black tea and sapphire, rich in resources, but is still a very poor country. The train was very slow, stop a lot, but the tourists are to feel the line itself, and not to hurry. In China’s railway station has not seen such a farewell scene, because the windows can not open, khan. Chinese beauty and local handsome guy photo, ha ha. A small train like a dragon in the tea garden in the shuttle. See a bunch of feet in front of the train? Many visitors will also enjoy the tea garden scenery. Later, the weather fog, but added a bit of romantic color, travel is the most important of their feelings. I don’t know what this guy is doing. After reading the tea garden train, then we look at the seaside train. Outside the window is the vast India ocean, not to say that Sri Lanka is a drop of tears on the India ocean? The seaside train is a bit more romantic. The railway is near the sea really, don’t need to see a. The little train is getting closer and closer to the sea, as if the sea would come in at any moment. Sitting in the window looking at the sea meditation, the best hair in a daze. Such a beautiful Sri Lanka train line, to sit ah, remember to bring your beloved person Oh, that is the icing on the cake. ["] attention to more exciting travel inspiration; Liu CIS " WeChat (public No.: lxslvxing – long press copy) and reply keywords [] can get all the directory directory. Liu small Shun (WeChat public number ID:lxslvxing) life does not need too Shun, Shun shun.相关的主题文章: