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Business For residents today, a planned .munity could very well be connoted to be the numerous real estate developments which are both large-scale and expensive to move into. However, what most people would fail to realize that establishing a planned .munity has long been practiced by pioneers and visionaries who long for an orderly way of establishing order and a sense of .munity. The colonies of Americas, for example, took root in the establishment of a planned .munity one after the other. There are two features distinct in a planned .munity. One is the careful planning of its establishment and the even stricter adherence of its execution in order to achieve the kind of order and perhaps aesthetic beauty desired. Another prominent feature of a planned .munity is its establishment in an underdeveloped area which would then undergo major transformations and physical changes to achieve what was conceived of in the first place. Sounds familiar? Could be because this is how some of the capital cities of numerous countries all over the world were established and founded. Examples of these would be New Delhi in India, Brasilia in Brazil, Canberra in Australia, and even Washington D.C. in the United States. Though a planned .munity is designed and built to ac.modate a large number of populations enjoying social diversity, adherence to the master plan is still the key to its successful implementation. Often, those who created a planned .munity would also want esteemed .munity values to be practiced and enjoyed by its residents. To this end, the relative term of New Town has been coined to designate an intentional .munity with shared environmental, economic, and social benefits. There are certainly a great number of this type of .munity being developed today in the United, being fostered by a great demand by those wishing to share in the .munal values and orderly social interaction inherent in a planned .munity. Most of these properties promote a sense of pride and appreciation for the enhanced quality of life enjoyed by its residents. A planned .munity may also espouse the concept of environmental responsibility and management. This is achieved by striving to protect the natural resources present within the area for its residents to enjoy. To this end, expect most of the planned .munities to have large outdoor spaces dedicated to leisure and nature appreciation. In a sense, a planned .munity enhances the value and attraction of a certain locality or area. With a lot of potential homeowners dreaming of living in a place that is both secure and fosters a sense of .munity, there is ample demand for this kind of residential estate developments. It also promotes a sense of exclusiveness that is often sought after by residents who wish to live among those whom they considered to be of their kind. Be aware though that the .mon planned .munity we see and heard of today is not as grand-scale as the ones envisioned by pioneers in centuries past. However, the concept and dream of fostering an orderly .munity sharing the same values are what is considered .mon in both the planned .munity of today and of the years long past. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: