The British media’s top 10 small city more off-road SUV

The British media’s top 10 small SUV City cross-country more choices lead: SUV is very popular in recent years in the car market, "Daily Telegraph" recently named the 10 best buy small SUV, Audi Q2 ranked first. (source: global network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! SUV with high chassis, spacious interior space and a sense of security of the user experience in the local car market dominated. However, with the increasingly congested urban road traffic, driving a huge volume of four wheel drive SUV increasingly difficult, small SUV thus came into being. Small SUV not only in the style of maintaining rugged appearance style, but also for off-road driving provide more available management dimensions, and sought after by consumers. Next we will introduce 10 models of the most worth buying a small SUV. Tenth: Nissan Juke Juke is the pioneer of this model, has become the best-selling British market. The advantages of good appearance, moderate price. The disadvantage is that the interior space is not very spacious, lack of comfort. Ninth: Dacia Duster Duster is a small, simple configuration based on SUV, but wins in the economic price, suitable for driving SUV but a tight budget buyers. Eighth: Citroen C4 Cactus Cactus driving experience is not good, people feel that there are some aspects of the lack of it, but also in the price is cheaper than the C4. In addition, C4 Cactus unique styling, will not make people feel cheap. Seventh: Tivoli XLV Tivoli Diweila Ssangyong although the appearance is really strange, with a small SUV performance of a car, the car is not only spacious, and outstanding endurance. Unlike the other SUV here, it is a four wheel drive for a truly off-road vehicle. If there is a greater demand for space, you can select the XLV version, the trunk space is more adequate. Sixth: Peugeot 20082008 is just a little innovation on the basis of the original appearance and driving can also, as always, selling. If you don’t expect too much, the car won’t disappoint you. Fifth: Honda HR-V HR-V as a city off-road vehicles, quite pleasing. The utility model has the advantages of economic applicability, comfortable and spacious. The disadvantage is that there is no four wheel drive to choose from, making it less reliable. And driving experience dull, gasoline version of the noise and lack of stamina. Fourth: SUZUKI Vitara ignore the physical sense of the body, Vitara is still a fully equipped, excellent engine performance models. And the price of the body space is very spacious, cost-effective. Third place: Mazda CX-3 CX-3 dynamic driving performance is excellent, so that the driving process becomes interesting, and high internal configuration. The disadvantage is the driver’s seat and trunk after the space is narrow, the design idea is contrary to SUV..相关的主题文章: