The boy fell into the well over 80 hours without news to complete the rescue time is still uncertain winbook

The boy fell into the well over 80 hours without news to complete the rescue time is still uncertain – Sohu news excavator tension operations, search and rescue personnel in the wellhead rescue. Figure IC East as of yesterday at 9 pm, Lixian County Hebei city in Baoding Province in the Changcun 6 year old boy Cong Meng, fall 40 meters deep well rescue work has been more than 80 hours, did not detect any clues to the boy, because of the complex geological conditions, rescue the slow progress and complete the specific time can not rescue sure. November 6th morning 11 am, along with his father in the Cong Chinese cabbage, accidentally fell into the well. Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency news agency in the central broadcasting network reported detection and rescue found the boy toy in November 6th at 11 o’clock in the morning, Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh dry Changcun 6 year old boy Cong fall into 40 meters deep and 30 cm in diameter. The boy Grandpa Lee said, the well was used for irrigation wells have been abandoned for five years, neither the backfill of the incident, there is no cover. After the incident, the local public security fire and the villagers spontaneously organized rescue teams involved in the rescue. The fire rescue personnel, the adults do not dry well, can only take the surrounding mining, carefully open dry wall. On the evening of 8, because the excavator continuous operation, cracks in danger of collapse of the platform. Yesterday morning, the rescue plan was revised again, after the collapse of the danger treatment, manual excavation continues, has been found in the bottom hole of the child’s toys, but the specific location of the child is still not determined. Yesterday morning at 10:30, the cracks appeared again, rescue personnel to further expand the work area, reduce the work pressure around the scene, the construction personnel to enter the pit. At present, the rescue work has entered the final stage, the protection of the shaft has been successfully installed, rescue workers in the bottom of the shop board, rescue workers and sent two bundles of rope. The rescue team captain Wang Xiaodong said, because the child falling time is too long, can not determine its chances of survival, only to mining, and oxygen. The fog is particularly large, just under the fog, with a flashlight to see. Even if there is a little child signs of life, we must use the greatest efforts to save the child back." Difficult to increase the difficulty of sandy soil rescue temperature is low, the accident wellhead is only 30 cm wide, the incident for sandy soil, which undoubtedly adds to the difficulty of rescue. Nevertheless, children fall well after the rescue work has never stopped. Reporters yesterday afternoon at the scene observed well around the excavation diameter of more than 120 meters, down from the pit was stepped from the pit has been unable to see well at the bottom of the rescue work. According to rescue workers at the scene revealed that each dig 1 meters down, you need to expand the perimeter of the earthwork of 4 meters, a huge amount of work. The rescue team captain Wang Xiaodong said, now the construction site dug one meter, 200 meter radius of the working face of the overall fall of one metre. The final stage is the main work of artificial digging and settling installation sleeve, at the same time, the pipeline vulnerable not blindly rescue, rescue workers said there have to be very careful, use the tool cut off for a certain period of time, it is prone to rupture of the child.相关的主题文章: