The boss of glasses face dies before death, he is very hard (video)-clazziquai

Before glasses face the boss passed away he was desperately craft mahjong pieces the size of beef with elastic teeth collocation chewy noodles, strong butter soup with a dazzling, a few pieces of yellow white onion bag decorated the meantime, wrote this symphony on the last notes delicacy — for many years, this bowl of eye lens, so many by becoming the owner Jiang Mingguo, also known as big glasses. However, diners five red road Jiangbei District eighteen ladder eye mirror these days, all eat cold-shoulder treatment. "Something in the home, suspend business". Put it down in black and white less firmly affixed to the door, crumbling in the cold wind. "You don’t know? Big glasses the day before yesterday! The funeral is done today!" See Chongqing evening news reporter wandering in the door, next door hardware store boss said. What a slap in the face, late autumn. Before he was to be regulars, said small mirror, no side of Chongqing wanderers who don’t know. Chongqing evening news visual editors Li Yongqiang, is the senior side wanderers. He is Jiang Mingguo’s primary school students, but also a regular face glasses. "I told him since childhood, he put a bowl of noodles do so well, really make people admire. He died too early, only 48 years old." He said. Of course, there are many diners complained of big glasses on customer indifferent, sometimes even make impertinent remarks. In a well-known forum, a special post listing large glasses of various thread not many, some people say that he is a weirdo. Is that so? Li Yongqiang shakes his head. "I played with him since childhood, his temper I understand." Time goes back to the early 80s. At that time, Li Yongqiang in the Liberation Road Primary School, there is a male classmate, is thin and small, wearing a pair of glasses, this is Jiang Mingguo. The same as the eighteen ladder native to them, and soon conversational. "He was my best friend in my primary school. We take a bath in the river, roll on the slope." Li Yongqiang recalled, "he was a lot of people." Jiang Mingguo’s glasses, first opened in 1988 in the eighteen ladder. Street nearly sixty years old song, is the earliest one of the neighborhood to eat glasses. He recalls, people still did not take a seat, "a bowl of beef noodles" greeting, from the steaming pot noodle that came to speak is Jiang Mingguo. He is very enthusiastic about the neighborhood, always smiling, in the face of the old neighborhood always ask: "hard point or boil for a long time?" But, for the first time to eat his face, the general feeling that he is too bad to get along." He said, in fact, this is his personality, talkative and sociable, overly familiar people, there will be no exception. "You are an old customer, he can call for beef, he repeatedly said to have to have; you love food, can you buy a call for him to help you cut down. Do you think he’s got to do this?" Said Mr. Zhou, who works in the vicinity of the eighteen ladder in Yuzhong district. He is very stingy in front of business, however, big glasses do have some strange temper. "He’s the man who pulled it very well." Mr. Li said. "Probably is nine years, the matrix glasses face is still eighteen ladder, shop is very simple, just a few square table, outside the shop on the dam also stood a few stools. No seats at noon, diners in a row for the table stool, squatting on the ground to eat noodles, but also was a scene." Another side相关的主题文章: