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The blue car riding beast teamed up with bluegogo into the shared CEO Li Gang Phoenix Francisco November 23rd message bluegogo blue bicycle bike, v-mobile, following the launch of new models ofo, bluegogo jointly declared a shared bicycle riding beast, and by the latter to provide products and supply chain support. The blue bicycle CEO Li Gang said that the location of bluegogo blue bicycle is a "light" brand, has the right to operate independently, while riding beast will become its behind the arms dealer". Li Gang is also the founder and CEO beast ride. "Blue bicycle will Shenzhen as a starting point, to 15 days to capture a city at the rate of expansion in the other city, each city will spread 3-5 million cars. December 1st will be launched in Guangzhou, is expected to cover 4 cities by the end of the year, with a total investment of 200 thousand vehicles." Li Gang said. The "blue bicycle priority will be covered in winter using bicycle with high frequency in South City, probably in the number of vehicles is the city population divided by 200, in the city is 20% higher than competitors." Li Gang said that the blue bicycle from January this year, the project started in March November 17th, R & D, blue bike in Shenzhen throw put more than 3000 vehicles, vehicles used by more than 50 thousand times the number of App, the use of more than 300 thousand times, the next is expected to launch 15000. The bike is blue yesterday announced that Shenzhen as the first city operation. While the v-mobile and ofo will have to begin operations in Shenzhen. Prior to the ofo and smart bike brand 700Bike reached a strategic cooperation, manufacturers and sharing of bicycle brands have become a joint trend. Li Gang introduced the blue bike ride, safety, good performance characteristics of fast unlock from product level: 1, ride. The weight, total weight of 15kg blue bicycle, the bicycle basket built-in solar panels for electricity, tire with rubber tyre +PU solid inner tube, light and effectively degraded bumpy feeling. The 6061 wheel frame Aluminum Alloy lightweight high strength, the seat tube height can be adjusted freely, so that the seat can adapt to different height of the rider. 2, safety. The blue bicycle use combination front drum brake + clampbrake, brake has the advantages of high efficiency, fast reaction speed, low failure rate. 3, quick release. With the beast controlled technology support blue bicycle, using more advanced algorithm, the lock is fast, basically within 3 seconds to unlock. At present, the blue bike is currently pricing 0.5 yuan / hour, 99 yuan deposit. The "blue bicycle bicycle sharing fair competition Civilization Convention" at the meeting, with the hope that the same industry partners promised not to destroy, not containment, not possession ", advocate" user use, civilization and civilization civilization put love ", advocate sharing bicycle industry, bicycle industry set up sharing alliance, bicycle parking in advance location and city green road construction and other aspects of cooperation with the government, let the bike sharing real service to the city. The blue bicycle COO Sun said that in March next year is the bike sharing platform battle, the next time to enter Guangzhou will announce a new round of financing. Lee said that after the beast riding B)相关的主题文章: