The average price of the residence of the city of 100 cities is double rise for 14 consecutive month-winlinez

City residential average price for 14 consecutive months of "double up" – released Chongqing windows — Chinese Index Research Institute, September 100 city residential price index shows that the month, city residential average price rose 2.83%, an increase of 16.64%, which is since 2015 August since the fourteenth consecutive month, year-on-year rise of double ring. According to the 100 town price index system, the total sample survey data of 100 new cities in the whole country were collected. In September 2016, the average housing price of 100 cities (newly built) in China was 12617 yuan square meters, up 2.83%, or 0.66 percentage points from the previous month. From the number of rising and falling cities, 81 cities have been on the rise, 18 cities have fallen, and 1 cities have been flat with last month. 与上月相比,本月价格环比上涨的城市数量增加13个,其中涨幅在1%以上的城市有38个,较上月增加2个;本月价格环比下跌的城市数量减少11个,其中跌幅在1%以上的城市有6个,较上月增加4个。 Compared with the same period last year, the average price of 100 cities in the country was 16.64% higher than the same period last year, up 2.89 percentage points from last month. According to the median calculation, the median of 100 cities (New) housing prices in the country was 7149 yuan square meters, the ring rose by 0.52%, and the increase of 0.08% over the same period.

百城住宅均价 连续14个月“双涨”–重庆视窗–人民网  中国指数研究院发布的9月份百城住宅价格指数显示,当月,百城住宅均价环比上涨2.83%,同比上涨16.64%,这是自2015年8月份以来连续第14个月出现环、同比双涨。   根据百城价格指数系统对全国100个城市新建住宅的全样本调查数据,2016年9月,全国100个城市(新建)住宅平均价格为12617元 平方米,环比上涨2.83%,涨幅较上月扩大0.66个百分点。   从涨跌城市个数看,81个城市环比上涨,18个城市环比下跌,1个城市与上月持平。与上月相比,本月价格环比上涨的城市数量增加13个,其中涨幅在1%以上的城市有38个,较上月增加2个;本月价格环比下跌的城市数量减少11个,其中跌幅在1%以上的城市有6个,较上月增加4个。   同比来看,全国100个城市(新建)住宅均价较去年同期上涨16.64%,涨幅较上月扩大2.89个百分点。按中位数计算,全国100个城市(新建)住宅价格中位数为7149元 平方米,环比上涨0.52%,同比上涨0.08%。相关的主题文章: