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The art of higher education circles: informal "new network form" rating disciplines – Hangzhou 25 October, Xinhua (reporter Feng Yuan) "we always ask what form it won the prize, wrote what papers, that is not our main thing, School of music, Academy of Fine Arts, College of design students not to write the article." In 23, the The China Academy of Art held the first Chinese Art Education Forum, The China Academy of Art President Xu Jiang admitted that in recent years for the assessment of the art of higher education has changed, increasing the artistic activity index, but not put on the back of the index, but as the core index. In February 2011, the academic committee of the State Council passed a resolution, the art from the literature, upgraded to an independent discipline consists of 5 disciplines. The Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education Secretary Zhang Daliang said the evaluation at the forum, the Chinese art discipline construction and the development of art education of great significance, for 5 years, art discipline construction and education change rapidly, but also facing the development of science, education, personnel training mode, collaborative innovation mechanism, teaching evaluation system and school comprehensive reform and other aspects of the challenge. 50 experts from the national art high school gathered in the forum, combing the achievements and experience of the past 5 years. Some of them are responsible for professional art colleges, some colleges and universities in the College of Arts, there are a number of "master" is representative of the art discipline appraisal group. How to assess the level of the construction of the arts, has become a topic of concern to many experts. For Xu Jiang, Peking University art college dean Wang Dachuan deeply felt, he said: "we should highlight the core status of art, like Peking University Institute of art in art theory, should also be appropriate to pay attention to the art of acting, directing and performing." "For the evaluation of art education, the establishment of professional doctor is a very important leading mechanism." Yang Yandi, vice president of Shanghai Conservatory Of Music believes that the current domestic doctorate is a theoretical or academic type, the experience of western countries is worth learning from. "Like the United States, PHD (DMA) is not an ordinary doctor, it is practical, not only pay attention to music, but also to be able to perform, will lecture." The theory research should be accounted for 30%, the practice should be accounted for 70%, the level of our teachers and students should reflect the practical achievements in many aspects such as the creation and display, but at present in the index system not practice evaluation standard, make the art education lost its characteristics and fresh." Nanjing Arts Institute President Liu Weidong said, "the international standard assessment of science, but the arts involve different cultural heritage and value judgment, it is necessary to come up with China features and meet China higher education standards." In science and engineering, one plus one must be equal to two, however, the art of the answer is not the only pursuit of the subject, it can not be the pursuit of results, but should pursue its process, the pursuit of diversity." Shanghai Univer Dean of Academy of Fine Arts, Wang Dawei believes that the simple evaluation ranking is equal to the arts made 123 distinction, but also contrary to the pursuit of art of pluralistic development. By the Ministry of education.相关的主题文章: