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Zhejiang coast guard 33115 ship was officially unveiled. It was named "Yuhuan ship" (map) — Henan sub network — the people’s network Zhejiang coast guard 33115 ship was officially unveiled as the "Yuhuan ship". People’s network in Taizhou September 29 September 28th morning, Zhejiang police first detachment of sea police 33115 ships officially unveiled as "Yuhuan ship". Jiang Zhenming, the Standing Committee of the Taizhou Municipal Committee and the chief of public security, Zhang Youliang, the political commissar of the Zhejiang maritime police corps, the Deputy Secretary of the Yuhuan county Party committee, the Secretary of the political and legislative committee Ruan Congying, and other leaders of the army and the resident government attended the opening ceremony. At 10:30 in the morning, the ritual of the "Yuhuan ship" was officially started. "The 33115 ship to the first team of Zhejiang sea police is named ‘Yuhuan ship’!" Zhejiang sea police first team leader Wu Hongbao solemnly announced. Director Jiang Zhenming and Zhang Youliang’s political commissar jointly unveiled the "Yuhuan ship". This marks the official appearance of the first thousand ton ship named by the Zhejiang sea police. This is the Zhejiang Coast Guard maritime rights, law enforcement, service is becoming more and more powerful symbol, also support the police to build, the milepost of harmonious development, will enhance the police officers and the resident people yushuiqingshen, stimulate build coastal, coastal guard I ambition. It is understood that the 33115 maritime police ship on January 2015 officially in Taizhou City, now moored in Yuhuan County harbor, the ship is equipped with advanced, long duration and high technology content, is the Zhejiang Coast Guard Corps first kiloton ship, has many well done offshore China Sea cruise and maritime law enforcement, major security tasks. (Xue Jian) (Xin Jing and Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor)

浙江海警33115舰正式揭牌命名为“玉环舰”(图)–河南分网–人民网   浙江海警33115舰正式揭牌命名为“玉环舰”。   人民网台州9月29日电 9月28日上午,浙江海警第一支队海警33115舰正式揭牌命名为“玉环舰”。台州市委常委、公安局长蒋珍明,浙江海警总队政委章有良,玉环县委副书记、政法委书记阮聪颖等部队和驻地政府领导出席揭牌仪式。   上午10时30分,“玉环舰”命名仪式正式开始。“授予浙江海警第一支队海警33115舰命名为‘玉环舰’!”浙江海警第一支队支队长吴洪宝郑重宣布。蒋珍明局长与章有良政委共同为“玉环舰”揭牌。这标志着浙江海警第一艘以地名命名的千吨级舰船正式亮相。此举既是浙江海警海上“维权、执法、服务”能力日益强大的标志,也是警地双拥共建、和谐发展的里程碑,必将增进海警官兵和驻地人民的鱼水情深,激发共筑海防、卫我海疆的壮志豪情。   据了解,海警33115舰于2015年1月正式入编,现停泊台州市玉环县某港,该舰装备先进、续航时间长、科技含量高,是浙江海警总队第一艘千吨级舰船,先后多次出色完成我国近海执法、远海巡航和海上重大安保任务。(薛健) (责编:辛静、杨晓娜)相关的主题文章: