The 24 provinces in the country to set up the general public can supervise the river pointed out

The 24 provinces in the country to set up the general public can supervise the river pointed out that the problem – China network is now bad dry! The river floating on a plastic bag, we will be reporting, be penalized." Wang Jianzhou is the manager of a cleaning company in Tianjin. Character Zhishuang he saw the reporter to reveal their pressure. Wang Jianzhou’s pressure is transmitted from the. Tianjin city Baodi District vice mayor Ai Yukun greater pressure, this from another of his identity — long river. River length assessment, assessment results to rank." Ai Yukun said. At present, 8 provinces and cities across the country to implement the river length system; the implementation of the provincial and municipal regions in the river system. Long river system can effectively protect the ecology of rivers and lakes? Recently, the reporter went to Tianjin, Jiangxi conducted an interview. Who will serve as chairman of the river long by the party and government officials responsible for the management of protected areas of the inland river, which is the long river system. River length system is the local government to implement water conservation, water pollution prevention and control of the main responsibility of the system innovation. Who can serve as the River Mayor? In the exploration practice around the party and government at all levels can be responsible for the length of the river. The longest river in Jiangxi, the highest specifications, the provincial Party secretary personally served as the provincial total river length, governor served as provincial deputy chief of the river, the 7 provincial leaders served as provincial river. At present, Jiangxi has set up a provincial, city and county (city, district), township (town, street), village five river. According to data from the Ministry of water resources, the country has Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hainan and other 8 provinces Party committee or government issued a document, in the implementation of long river system or the river throughout; some cities and counties in 16 provinces and municipalities in the implementation of the long river system. "Before the" Kowloon flood ", when there are conflicts because of the lack of communication may lead to problems aside. Now a river to the coordination, scheduling and supervision, to solve the problem with the total handle." Luo Xiaoyun, director of Jiangxi provincial water resources department. [how to implement the system] Li Xueying is an ordinary citizen of Tianjin, but she made a phone call may cause pressure on the river. 3 years ago, Li Xueying in the local media to see Tianjin river system is being implemented, and the recruitment of duty supervisor. So she made a name for it. I am very pleased that I raised the question of someone." Li Xueying said, "I once reflected a sewage outfall, the government quickly blocked it." At present, Tianjin has such obligations supervisor 407, they are an important force in social supervision, and social supervision accounted for the final assessment of the river length of 10%. In Tianjin, river long established a full-time office assessment department, including the assessment of the water quality of rivers and lakes, greening, cleaning, work and other aspects, the assessment results monthly summary and annually to the community. The year-end assessment results at the bottom of the river will be interviewed. In Jiangxi, long river due to dereliction of duty, cause serious pollution of the river basin is destroyed, "leading cadres environmental damage accountability measures (Trial)", the implementation of ecological damage liability lifelong accountability system. [how] flood effect in Sungai Jingan County in Jiangxi Province town of Yichun City Bridge Village, villagers Chen Shenglong sitting in the North Liao River fishing. Now I have)相关的主题文章: