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VOIP  The Cloud simply refers to hosting data and .munications on the Internet.  With its flexibility and affordability, cloud telephony has given the small business an opportunity to embrace the latest .munications technologies.  The benefits are numerous.  Here are ten benefits of cloud telephony: 1.  Low Setup Cost Cloud telephony allows small .panies to significantly reduce and even eliminate the huge money outlays that were once necessary when installing and maintaining a traditional phone system.  Unlike traditional phone systems of the past, cloud telephony requires no exhausting installation, no PBX box and no onsite maintenance visits. 2.  Long-term Savings By hosting the phone system on the Internet, .panies pay only for the secure, online server processing, storage and bandwidth they require to run their business effectively. 3.  DIY Configuration Changing a line or adding an extension previously meant calling the big phone .pany and scheduling an appointment.  With cloud telephony, that is no longer the case.  With cloud telephony you can add users, enable features and change lines from an easy-to-use Web interface. 4.  Flexibility / Scalability Cloud telephony provides flexibility that makes it ideal in any evolving small business environment.  Whether you are connecting a new branch location to your other offices, growing or downsizing, cloud telephony provides the flexibility and scalability to adapt to your needs for today, tomorrow and down the road. 5.  Expansive List of Features Cloud telephony .es with an expansive list of practical features to increase productivity.  Voicemail-to-email and call forwarding to your cell are just two ways hosted VOIP can optimize workplace efficiency. 6.  Free & Automatic Upgrades Implementing a software upgrade with a proprietary phone system used to mean new hardware, new challenges and additional cost.  Upgrades to your system are seamless and free. 7.  Dont Think About It Your core .petency is not business phone systems nor should it be.  Your phone system is expertly managed off-site.  This allows you to do what you do best without worrying about your .munications. 8.  The Office is Anywhere Cloud telephony allows business and .merce to occur at any place and at any time regardless of geographic boundaries. 9.  Always Open for Business With no servers on site, customers can stay in touch because your office can go anywhere, like off-site, in the case of flood, fire or natural disaster.  With hosted telephony, your phone system will keep your business running. 10.  Take it Slowly For those desiring a slow migration to the cloud there are hybrid solutions available that .bine cloud and premise-based VOIP for best-of-both-worlds business .munications.  With a hybrid system you can get the hassle-free benefits of the Cloud with added on-site assurance of a streamlined server setup. 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