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Teach you 3 autumn crab steamed crab crab is delicious human skills, learn the steamed crab is one of the students will learn the skills of chowhound. How to steam crab? You know not everyone can become attached to and delicious". Crab because of cold and high cholesterol, not suitable for stomach deficiency or high cholesterol food groups. If you want to eat crabs, it is important to learn to steam crabs. Eat crabs, love is the most delicious! Most can keep the meat fresh steamed sweet and authentic, do the best way of cooking crab! Want to maintain a healthy premise to eat a little, can the appropriate use of ginger, garlic has certain medicinal efficacy of Xiaozhi cold spicy food, steamed or join together collocation; Yellow Wine in cooked crab, crab can not only keep the original, and not too cold. Don’t forget, a dish of chili sauce vinegar when adjusted, not to the taste of fresh. Eat crab if you feel stomach is not very comfortable, you can drink a bowl of ginger juice beverage process, you can quickly restore. 3 tips of the delicious steamed crab steamed crab has 3 tips, love to eat crab you quickly learn it! 1, first of all, to give a crab to crab with salt water bath, soak for half an hour, so can spit out some dirt crab body, and then steamed crab meat more tender, taste more fresh. 2, after the bubble had to rub a bath, with a waste of a small toothbrush to cover the crab, crab legs are clean around, so eat more healthy. 3, the pot had to let the crab to a comfortable position, lying steamed. The crab belly up, so steamed, crab belly full exposure to steam, can be sterilized, crabs cooked quickly. In addition, the steamed crab is not easy to get rid of claws, crab body integrity, ruddy color bright, so that the table only appetite! Steamed crab delicious recipes recipes for a big run, Yellow Wine steamed crab crab sauce: Ingredients: 6 Yellow Wine freshmilk Beru sauce ginger appropriate amount of vinegar sugar sesame oil amount of cotton suitable practice: 1 prepare crab crab; 2 with water soak, and then brush to wash crabs; 3 ready cotton strapping crabs; 4 of all tied; 5 pot put half a bowl of Yellow Wine, add some water, ginger, into the steamer; 6 crabs on the steamer, crab upside down, fire; 7 separate fire water and steam for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 3 minutes; 8 take out to cut cotton the wobble; 9 shellfish exposed sauce, ginger, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and other spices tune into their love of the dipping sauce can be eaten. Recipe two, ancient glutinous rice steamed crab crab ingredients: 150 grams, 400 grams of rice, soup 800 grams. Seasoning: salt 2 grams, 10 grams of cooking wine, 5 grams of onion. Practice: 1 the crabs clean, with salt water soak for 2 minutes; 2 at the end of 3 will be chopped onions washed; glutinous rice Amoy net, drain water, put in the old hen, ham soup boiled for an hour; 4 glutinous rice with crab together placed in the tray, into the steamer for 20 minutes with slow steaming, sprinkle with green onions at the end of may. Crab meat and crab delicious juice into Glutinous rice, full flavor. Recipe three, pumpkin steamed bacon.相关的主题文章: