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Tammy Chen married Tony Yang Cheryl Lin Yiyunwen vows not prepared dowry Sina entertainment Tammy Chen [micro-blog] and Medical Beauty Group CEO Xue Boren 26 in Thailand, Chiang Mai wedding, a total of Howard hit nearly thirteen million dollars, the morning of the ceremony, held in the afternoon to pool the wedding, Tammy Chen wore a white gauze approach by the father in hand, face hang happiness can laugh, Xue Boren said not to groom the oath, but still secretly prepared, affectionate confession: "I love most, I will give you is not 1/2, not 1/3, but the whole world." Tammy Chen said the groom said not funny, ready, she is really not ready, impromptu sweet confession: "regardless of the passions we have to die." The best man and the maid of honor Tony Yang Cheryl pairing dowry, also including Peter Ho [micro-blog] couple, Andy Chen, Shen Jianhong, Dylan Kuo [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Yung Hung, [micro-blog], progenitormale star, guests about 180 people, to witness the happy moment. Xue Boren to marry the morning ceremony, the whole night tension to can’t sleep, they come up with a variety of tricks Tammy Chen bestie whole he chose three games, "love password", the answer is 926 (the wedding day), "love memory test", column ten of the bride, not the thought of second questions wrong, punishment is wearing high heels to walk, when the girls work experience. The third is the wife of the code for the love of reading, "the groom and the best man to shout:" Tammy, I LOVE YOU!" The hurdles final, Xue Boren is sweating kneeling in front of Tammy Chen to pick up the shoes to help her dress, the bride is mischievous to let him catch the foot, let hi to the extreme atmosphere. Tammy Chen parents are reluctant to leave, the father said to her: "I hope the two together, the most important is a said of a couple, Jianjiankangkang, Pinpin Ann Ann." Tammy Chen responded: "I hope my mom and dad to take good care of your body." Tammy Chen found Cheryl bestie himself as the maid of honor, Xue Boren found the artist friend Tony Yang and medical beauty group handsome physician as the best man bridesmaids and Groomsmen, also hope to find their own happiness, at the wedding ceremony, the sun is shining, the scene also close to sunglasses, in addition to shading also remind guests "be careful not to be new blind eyes." The couple is very particular about the details of the wedding, site selection in Antique Hotel and lush outdoor turf, with blue and white color collocation medical beauty group layout, even room, seat illustration sheika souvenir placement everywhere strictly. Groom Xue Boren wedding wearing Ermenegildo Zegna price of about $200 thousand tailored tailored white evening dress jacket and black dress pants suit. Tammy Chen, even for three sets of Lin Li wedding, a total of about 800 thousand dollars, plus three sets of bridesmaid dresses, the total price of more than NT $one million. Others include the diamond ring, wedding cake, souvenir, wedding arrangements, guest tickets accommodation, wedding photography, wedding cost a total of nearly thirteen million dollars. (Sina entertainment Taiwan station (Lin Yiyunwen) commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: