Taiwan University Students AIDS discouraging fined 1 million defense departments or administrative r-sweets parade

Taiwan University Students AIDS discouraging fined 1 million defense departments or administrative relief – Beijing China Taiwan network August 28th news according to Taiwan’s "today" reported that the original "National Defense University" launched in Taiwan (a pseudonym) suspected of HIV infection was dropped out, "the Ministry of health and welfare" will be in the next week to "National Defense University" out of 1 million yuan (NT, the same below) penalty book. Taiwan Defense Department said on the 27, after receiving the book will appeal documents or take administrative relief. According to the "National Defense University" aids students, "Wei Fu minister Lin played extension on the morning of 27 re approved the punishment document, penalty amount of 1 million yuan to maintain unchanged, the fastest in 29 by" Wei Fu Department of disease management department issued the punishment book. Defense Department spokesman Chen Zhongji said in an interview, the book will appeal to receive documents or administrative relief, "National Defense University" without discrimination. According to reports, "National Defense University" political warfare college education long Colonel Chen Yiming said on the 16, September 2012 21, launched without filing tosmuggle notebook computer into the violation of security regulations, during the investigation, and to use the computer to replace the students the same bedroom, his attitude is not very good, so the school held a Council to give a demerit two times, two warnings of punishment. Moral assessment in 2013 at the end of the semester the school, because the single semester is two, two reprimands, virtue appraisal was rated B, in accordance with the regulations, to be dropped out, so in January 25, 2013 to drop nuclear sanctions. It made discrimination in school, in addition to the banned swimming lesson, the plate are also required to separate cleaning, Chen Yiming said in response, according to the understanding and not the situation. The military is made in accordance with the provisions of fees, unable to complete their studies, the defense department must recover during the period of more than 80 yuan allowance, but Cai Yingwen said the day before "not only discrimination, but also special love", the Defense Department will be issued a certificate and transcript length, suspend the recovery of tuition. Although the "Wei Fu Department" to the penalty, the defense department still said, issued by the qualifications and suspend the recovery of tuition remains unchanged. (Taiwan, China network Lu)相关的主题文章: