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Taiwan, or the use of Okinotori sovereignty on fishing rights in exchange for Taiwan original title: Taiwan, or fishing rights for "food radiation" bird island dispute delayed desalination for several months for the first time the "Taiwan Japan Marine Affairs Cooperation Dialogue" in Japan in October 31st Tokyo Okura Hotel debut. But the red bird of Taiwan fishermen are most concerned about the issue is still no consensus, "advocating", many fishermen on behalf of NUPI "there is no consensus on what meeting?" The Taiwan Japan dialogue, Taiwan sent to the "Council of Agriculture Fisheries Department" sea patrol office "and" the Ministry of science and technology "and other groups participating. Free electronic newspaper said on October 31st, the delegation had arranged "Secretary Ya Dong Cai Mingyao, President of the Association for relations" Qiu Yiren as a consultant and attend guidance, but due to the Japanese side attaches great importance to the first round of the dialogue, not only meeting place in Tokyo, but also improve the level of words, led by the president of Japan Exchange Association Ohashi Mitsuo. So in the Japanese request, I have sent Qiu Yiren as the head of the temporary change". United News Network, which broke the previous all is from the "sub association secretary general as the chief negotiator of the Convention, and Qiu Yiren is a group of nine party members, the DPP therefore be interpreted as the relationship between Japan and Taiwan’s" great leap forward". First of all, the bridge said that some friction between Taiwan and Japan in marine affairs is difficult to avoid, but it is important that, based on the spirit of mutual trust and friendly cooperation, the two sides conduct constructive dialogue to seek cooperation. Qiu Yiren said that after the establishment of the new government of Taiwan Taiwan relations into a new stage, I believe that the difficult problem can be resolved through dialogue between Taiwan and japan. The Taiwan Japan dialogue topics including fishery cooperation, maritime emergency assistance and marine scientific research, and the basic rights of concern Taiwan fishermen in the red bird. "Taiwan think-tank" executive committee Lai Yizhong said in the past during the reign of Ma Ying-Jeou, although the Taiwan Japan fisheries agreement signed, temporary processing problems in overlapping waters near the Diaoyu Islands, but has not yet dealt with the Diaoyu Islands north of the East China Sea and Japan eight islands in the overlapping areas on Nantai mountain, red bird is not in the range of Taiwan Japan fisheries agreement. This makes the dialogue of concern. However, the United States news network on October 31st evening news that the issue of bird flu, Taiwan and Japan did not reach a consensus. According to the Liberty Times reported that Taiwan and Japan will still be positioned as the nature of the negotiations, so it will not sign the agreement in October 31st. As far as the outside world is concerned about the five cities and counties in Fukushima, Japan, whether the food will be lifted, Taiwan’s foreign ministry said earlier that the Ministry of health and welfare did not send people to participate in the meeting. Although in October 31st the Taiwan authorities vowed promised to protect the interests of fishermen, but hedge bird, only vaguely said "Okinotori island or reef is, will respect the international referee, there is no conclusion". In this regard, the KMT Legislative Yuan said in October 31st, before the DPP authorities for the Okinotori reef is afraid to speak, so the attitude of people to give the talks very reassuring. The KMT legislator Zhang Lishan asked the DPP to defend the dignity of Taiwan not opposing everything, every day will be soft". Legislator Wang Yumin also said that the KMT will force the supervision of the dialogue on the most important fishing rights 3相关的主题文章: