Syria government forces recovered nearly half of Aleppo’s rebel control zone – International –

The Syria army recovered nearly half of Aleppo rebel area – International – original title: Syria government forces recaptured the Xinhua news agency, nearly half of Aleppo City rebels control area of Damascus on 28 November, (reporter Yang Zhen Che Hongliang) Syria’s military said 28 government troops have recaptured the rebels in the control area of the northern city of Aleppo nearly half of the. An unnamed Syrian military source told Xinhua News Agency reporters on the same day, the Syrian government forces in the past few days in the control of the rebels in eastern Aleppo City recovered more than 10 blocks, an area of about 20 square kilometers of land. Rebels in the city control area of about 45 square kilometers. The source said that the Syrian army will continue the military action until fully recovered Aleppo. With the Syrian government forces continue to advance, nearly 3000 civilians fled from the rebel control zone. Some civilians in an interview with Syria state television said the militants should be responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo at the moment, they had to stop civilians during the ceasefire to leave its control area. In September this year, the Syrian army in Aleppo to make progress in military operations, the formation of militants in the control area of Eastern Aleppo surrounded. Recently, the Syrian army to increase military crackdown, in order to recover the region. (Yan Meng, Bai Yu: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: