Suzhou retiree pension increase adjustment in place by the end of

Suzhou retirees pension raised at the end of September adjusted today (September 14th) morning, Suzhou City retirees basic pension adjustment scheme officially announced, the adjustment will be completed in September 30th. According to the unified deployment of the state and the province, this year, the city’s retirees and retirees of institutions and institutions to implement the basic pension adjustment. For me, the adjustment object of the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, staff at institutions of basic old-age insurance and in December 31, 2015 for retirement or personnel receive periodic cost of living formalities, adjust the time from January 1, 2016 onwards. General adjustment and appropriate combination of additional in Jiangsu province according to the retiree basic pension adjustment programs, general adjustment measures by a fixed amount, linked with the payment period and I linked to the basic pension of three parts, to pay more too long to pay more, better reflects the fairness and efficiency of the principle of combining. 1 quota part. Retirement enterprises and institutions and receive a monthly living expenses of the personnel, increased 45 yuan per person per month. 2 and I pay part of the hook. Every 1 years, an increase of more than $2.4 per month, the monthly increase of less than $36 issued by $36. 3 linked with my basic pension. Unified enterprise retirees to adjust the basic pension from 2.3% additional amount of calculation; increase institutions retirees monthly basic pension according to himself before the adjustment of 1.8%, according to the same basic pension per capita will increase the proportion of staff. 70 years of age or older retirees appropriate pension increase over the years, Jiangsu province to adjust the basic pension for older people to tilt. In accordance with the requirements of the province this year, continue to extend the pension for retirees over 70 years old. For the 2015 year before the end of 70 years of age less than 75 years of age, 75 years of age less than 80 years of age and retirees over the age of 80, in the general tone basis, per person per month for each additional 30 yuan, 40 yuan and 50 yuan for the year before the end of 2015; over 70 years of age less than 75 years of age, 75 years of age less than 80 years of age and at the age of retirement and receive periodic cost of living persons over the age of 80, in addition to the general adjustment, each additional 20 yuan per person per month, 30 yuan and 40 yuan. To participate in the reform, the endowment insurance system in October 1, 2014 after the new temporary pre pre retirees, pension, new methods to determine parameters after the re calculated pension.相关的主题文章: