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SUV new energy vehicles into a center of the Volkswagen Group announced product planning – Sohu automobile automobile Sohu [2016 Guangzhou auto show Volkswagen Group] media communication will be in the eve of the Guangzhou auto show, Volkswagen group revealed many future strategic information, including Volkswagen I.D. concept car for the first time in the Chinese debut; Volkswagen announced the official name of new Tiguan L and Teramont at the same time; Audi and Skoda also announced the two detailed plans for future products at home. The mass (Chinese). The Volkswagen I.D. concept car Volkswagen I.D. concept car in this communication will be unveiled, which is the first in the China release, futuristic design, the new car in front of the LED light source, which is connected with the body. In addition, the new car headlights and front bumper with dot decoration, very science fiction. The new Volkswagen electric vehicle platform — MEB based on the building, the dynamic part of this concept car is equipped with a maximum power of 170 horsepower electric motor, pure electric mileage will reach 600km, which will be on 2020 formally to the market production and sale, price and cash equivalent golf. In the future, the public will also be put into operation in China’s economic pure electric vehicles, the editor speculated that this model will be the result of cooperation between the public and jac. But at present the specific information about this model, the public did not disclose. The new Volkswagen Tiguan L. New Tiguan L will be built based on the popular MQB platform, the new Tiguan will be compared to sales, new Tiguan L on the basis of which the body is lengthened 226mm, wheelbase 110mm, which makes the car has almost leapfrog body size, length and breadth were 47121839 1673mm. Wheelbase 2791mm. As a new generation of overseas with [Tiguan] power, the new car will be equipped with 1.4T, 1.8T and 2.0T engine, the maximum power they were 150 horsepower, 180 horsepower, 186 horsepower (2.0T low power) and 220 HP (high power 2.0T). Transmission system, the new car is expected to match the 7 speed DSG gearbox, but according to the specific models used by different engines will be different. SAIC Volkswagen. Volkswagen Teramont at the press conference is also announced the official name of G-SUV — Teramont, which is located in a large SUV appearance, it continues the CrossBlue concept car design, the whole line is rough, tough little car that taste of America, have good gas. A new car based on the popular MQB platform to build, the length and breadth were 5039mm 1989mm 1773mm, the wheelbase is reached 2980mm, this data has exceeded the Volkswagen Touareg, close to Audi Q7. It will be powered by 2.0TSI high and low power engine and 2.5T V6 engine, this 2.5T engine.相关的主题文章: