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Survey: farmer cooperatives operating difficulties "loss of a supporter" editor’s note: land shares, mutual funds and social services…… After years of development, China’s farmers cooperatives have emerged a variety of cooperation model. These cooperatives play an important role in expanding the scale of agricultural production and operation, enhancing the competitiveness of the industry, and promoting farmers to increase their income. But part of the cooperative management is not standardized, did not achieve the proper distribution of interests, the lack of effective self-development mechanism. In the process of cooperative development, how to protect the interests of farmers, how to achieve industrial upgrading, and how to continue to develop their own problems are to be solved. "New countryside" magazine launched a series of reports from the current focus of cooperatives, focusing on these problems in the development, and strive to explore the answer. 10 years ago, farmer cooperatives are still a new term. 10 years later, once the "rarity" has Xinghuoliaoyuan, its impact on agriculture, rural areas, farmers, like stones into the water, mottaki. On the scale, reduce costs, increase revenue…… Join the co-operatives, the benefits are self-evident. But in the vast countryside, the mood has not been eliminated. The failure of the case exposed from time to time, is constantly hurt farmers cautious and sensitive nerve. Can not make money, how to ensure revenue…… The heart of the "99", is nothing more than its own benefit. Experienced a rapid expansion of the initial, farmers cooperatives are now facing many difficulties. The farmers answer doubts, let farmers eat reassurance, cooperatives continue will answer. To earn money, but in the heart ‘cooperative organization system, individual farmers in general is relatively weak farmers’ cooperatives workers in dry red pepper. China visual information is located in a mountainous area, shinianjiuhan, Liao Wu Village in the town of Zichuan District of Shandong city in Zibo Province before the folks, the day is not easy. The village has a tradition of millet. However, because the land is barren, time-consuming and laborious not to say, production has not been high, but can not sell a good price, it is easy to keep at home for several years. "These years these days, up from planting cooperatives to close, with an air of importance, all according to the requirements of people." At the age of 61 Yuan people afterwards, millet per acre yield increased 30%, the high selling price of 50%. An acre of land to income three thousand or four thousand yuan, more than 80% of farmers in the village are millet." Xin Weimin said the cooperatives, founded in 2008, the full name is Liao Wu millet professional cooperatives. After more than 8 years of development, cooperatives from the initial membership of the family of 17, expanded to the present more than and 170, planting area of up to more than 3 thousand and 700 acres. The actual participation of farmers, there have been as many as 576 households, many of them to take the poor out of poverty. Sun Bo, chairman of the union to provide free technical guidance and good for members, but also to find ways to reduce the cost of fertilizer. More importantly, the price of 20% higher than the market price of the acquisition of millet. This is just the minimum price, but also the actual operation according to the sales increase the purchase price." Cooperative emphasizes the sharing of benefits, so that farmers really tasted the sweetness, cultivation of innovative ways, let you more money. These changes, farmers can see, touch. In the cooperation of the.相关的主题文章: