Supreme Procuratorate juvenile suspects meet the conditions without detention

Supreme Procuratorate: juvenile suspects meet the conditions without custody of the original title: meet the necessary conditions after twelve people without detention according to the Xinhua news agency of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the people’s Procuratorate issued before the "Regulations for the necessity of detention review cases (Trial)", clearly the arrest of a criminal suspect or defendant to prosecution authorities shall review the necessity of detention, while twelve people do not need to comply with the necessary conditions in detention. In accordance with the "Regulations", twelve people with repentance in accordance with ", not in custody without danger to the society the necessary conditions, the people’s procuratorate can propose release compulsory measures or proposals for change to authorities handling: preparatory crime or discontinuation of crime; common crime accomplice in criminal negligence or coerced offender; excessivedefense; or excessive hedge; a less subjective vicious; Department of minors under the age of seventy-five years or person; and the victim shall reach a voluntary settlement agreement, and has been performed or provide guarantee; suffering from serious illness, life can not take care of themselves; the Department of pregnant or breast-feeding her baby; the only person who, life can not take care of the people; may be sentenced to one year imprisonment or probation; other prisoners do not need to continue The crime suspect and the defendant’s case. Editor: Liu Debin SN222

最高检:未成年犯罪嫌疑人符合条件后不需羁押   原标题:符合必备条件后 十二类人无需羁押   据新华社电 最高检日前下发《人民检察院办理羁押必要性审查案件规定(试行)》,明确被逮捕的犯罪嫌疑人、被告人,可向检察机关申请进行羁押必要性审查,同时规定十二类人在符合必备条件后也不需要羁押。   按照《规定》,十二类人在符合“具有悔罪表现,不予羁押不致发生社会危险性”这一必备条件后,人民检察院可以向办案机关提出释放或者变更强制措施的建议:预备犯或者中止犯;共同犯罪中的从犯或者胁从犯;过失犯罪的;防卫过当或者避险过当的;主观恶性较小的初犯;系未成年人或者年满七十五周岁的人;与被害方依法自愿达成和解协议,且已经履行或者提供担保的;患有严重疾病、生活不能自理的;系怀孕或者正在哺乳自己婴儿的妇女;系生活不能自理的人的唯一扶养人;可能被判处一年以下有期徒刑或者宣告缓刑的;其他不需要继续羁押犯罪嫌疑人、被告人的情形。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: