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"Super express" exposure to new Li Chun stills staged in a different kind of uniform temptation entertainment Sohu – David Baer, Li Chun Lee Chun Arabia exotic wind hip-hop movement Li Chun, cold Sohu entertainment news directed by Song Xiao Wang Ying, the screenwriter action comedy film "super express", will be landing in theaters nationwide on December 2nd to meet with the audience. The movie as the Lunar New Year stalls opening, assembled a "funny play," Chen He Song Ji Hyo, global goddess makeup "Parkour" the father of David Baer, shy as Shaw central, Li Chun, and the strength of the actor Li Yuan, Tai Zhiyuan, He Saifei, Kan Qingzi and the popular actor. Today, the film exposure of the four styles of Li Chun’s uniform shape, handsome and athletic wild temperament has sometimes cold, sometimes stay adorable, and David Baer with the frame of the Arabia exotic wind uniforms are a large number of many sisters dumped. The action comedy film "super express" tells the story of Chen’s courier horsepower in a send pieces on the way, accidentally involved in a statue for events, and are subject to stress a mysterious person, to jointly deal with international thief Gary story, in the process of seizing statue, the story is suddenly whirling. In the release of the stills, the famous director Ang Lee’s son Li Chun uniform exposure compared to the other, "Billy Lynn’s war" Zhongyang midfielder just tough military uniform style, "super express" in the uniform shape is more trendy and mysterious, service uniforms, Arabia foreign clothing, hip hop clothing, tight black take different shapes, and Lee Chun precise skillful acting and exaggerated expression in place, so that each other are emitted uniform temptation, full of delight. As the famous director Ang Lee’s son, Li Chun did not impetuous powerful under the aura, but the sense of filming a masterpiece. "Super express" is Li Chun in the action comedy field bold attempt, filming a lot of wonderful acting, the exposure of the Li Chun changing modelling, is to make the expectation of the fans soared, brought back to the bizarre story of curiosity. What the film Li Chun is what kind of identity, why would frequent change, and Chen, Song Ji Hyo, David Baer, Xiao Yang et al. What kind of conflict with the smile effect, December 2nd will be in the major theaters.相关的主题文章: