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"Super express" exposure set file notice in December 2nd national release – Sohu entertainment "super express" fixed gear posters "super express" fixed gear posters Sohu entertainment news action comedy film "super express" announced today will be released in China on December 2nd, the film tells the story of a courier in a work accident involved a international war story, today the film set file previews and posters have external exposure, imaginative story plot comedy constantly, at the same time a sharp stimulus action scenes, also lost the magnificent international blockbusters that visual sense. The film brings together the top French team lineup by the chairman Gao Jingdong featuring KEMET film producer, directed by Wang Ying to Xiao Song, elaborate screenwriter, by Chen He, David Song Ji Hyo, starring Baer, Shaw central special star, in addition, starred in "go", tumor gentleman "struggle" and other films of Li Yuan Ang Lee, director of the son of Li Chun, Taizhiyuan co starring He Saifei, guest star, recently in the "sparrow" eye-catching performance in the film Kan Qingzi also gave surprises. "Super express" issued notice Chen hilarious interpretation LED large speed the day before, after the release of the concept poster, with mysterious and very Lenovo overlooking the street composition attracted a lot of media and audience interest. Today, the release of fixed gear posters, to express parcels from the perspective of further disclosure of the film’s storyline and starring roles: posters of the upper part of the package opening appeared in the film three protagonists Chen He, Song Ji Hyo, David – Baer figure, suggested that three people have a direct contact with the intense and complicated between this parcel; the second part of the poster display is the only express parcel within the world, a cat silhouette also seems to reveal the mystery of the big cat and perhaps, let the audience for the film and give birth to a lot of speculation. In the file today released the notice, Chen’s courier has received a mysterious "big one", then ride on the bike dusty motorcycle back. Although there is no luxury car speed, but the driving a motorcycle courier skill should not be underestimated, as the popularity of male members ran, Chen once again showed themselves in the physical and mental of the "genius" advantage, not only in the narrow and rugged streets with ease, but also easy to hide a rotten leaves of cabbage roots and the bombing a more mysterious and international forces staged a hilarious and exciting blockbuster express! Chen Xiao Yang again hilarious upgrade David Baer staged explosive action movie because of "love apartment", "run" became the first generation of brothers comedy actor Chen, the courier of the starring role in the film, the signs of the base table and the adorable and funny play the role very fit, in the trailer Chen comedy without affectation, absurd and ridiculous performance is not fully demonstrated "what is poker-faced in funny", let the audience on the performance in the film is full of expectations. With Chen in the movie "Chinatown" in Sherlock has worked for Xiao Yang, the dedication of the more breakthrough comedy show in "super express", notice whether it is "enchanting newhalf" into the other,.相关的主题文章: