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Suning home court 7 consecutive Olympic Olympic football offensive getting better hey earthshaking hey earthshaking five wins in all competitions, home court seven straight, Suning state is really hot. Last night, the twenty-fifth round of Super League, Suning in the home court against Tianjin TEDA, with Xie Pengfei and Teixeira’s goal, Suning the final 2:0 victory over the opponent, reported this season first round 0:1 defeat away revenge. Won the game after the victory, Suning less than a game of Hengda 3 points, continue to put pressure on opponents. Modern Express reporter Wang Weiwen Gu Wei photo ZAKER Nanjing Su Ninghao and Tianjin TEDA home court home court seven straight game, Suning coach cuilong Zhu made an adjustment in the lineup, the Australian foreign aid thiessens Bree replace South Korea’s defender just as the first in Hong Wei, in the center of the three guard system in cuilong zhu. Hong Zhenghao’s recent poor performance, a series of two games in mistake, causing the other striker to score directly, let cuilong Zhu had to change their compatriots. Sainz Brie did not let cuilong Zhu disappointed, although in the recent competition can only substitute, but his condition was not affected, and Zhou Yun and Zhang Xiaobin two Wingbacks zero closure opponents. At the same time, solid defense, Suning offensive is still very fierce, thirteenth minutes, they scored the home game! Xie Pengfei on the other side of the frontier closed area lateral dribbling, then shot dead, Suning opened the scoring. It is worth mentioning that this is the first goal after Xie Pengfei joined Suning in the season. After the arrival of cuilong Zhu gave the young, a lot of opportunities, for him, also played a good effect. The second half of Suning re-entry ball – sixtieth minutes, Ji Xiang in the other areas near Fanqiang success, pass the ball accurately to find Teixeira, the latter a scimitar, the ball into the net. Suning 2:0 win over rivals. It is worth mentioning that, after the game, Suning has five wins in all competitions, the Nanjing Olympic Sports in the 7 game winning streak, and keep the Super League unbeaten record home court. However, the excellent record at the same time, Suning’s defense is not reassuring, cuilong Zhu, a good offensive football coach, has been using the three guard system, although let Suning attack more gorgeous and effective, but the players back in time, let the back line repeatedly let the opponent jianlou". Last night’s game opening soon, TEDA striker barbarian days get single opportunity and 2011 feet long shots, let Gu Chao surprised out in a cold sweat. Fans expect "won the super" last night on the pitch before the game, a loud noise caused a reporter’s attention, many fans are looking in the same direction, and come up with a mobile phone camera, originally a five year old fans holding a banner that read "we expect to win in super". There is no doubt that the banner of the voice of a lot of fans. Currently, the league is still the 5 round, after the game, Suning scored high in the league with a score of second points, less than a round of the game is only about 3 points Hengda difference. Even today, Hengda won the Liaoning Hongyun sits home court, Suning and list.相关的主题文章: