Suitcase Choi Jiwoo Zhu Zhenmo after 2 years of detention.-rainism

"Suitcase" Choi Jiwoo Zhu Zhenmo after 2 years of detention will Choi Jiwoo, Zhu Zhenmo Sina entertainment news   7, South Korea MBC TV series "dragged suitcase woman" discloses Choi Jiwoo [micro-blog] and Zhu Zhenmo [micro-blog] in detention to meet stills. The photographs in public car, Kim (Choi Jiwoo ornaments) and Xian Fu Ju (Zhu Zhenmo ornaments) across a table sat face to face, two people usually love bicker is in silence and silence, looking at each other’s eyes and face is full of sorrow, attracted many people’s attention. Today (7 days) the upcoming broadcast of the twelfth car, and Kim Fu Ju Xian again after a lapse of two years. Xian Fu Ju no news in two years, suddenly surrendered and was arrested by the police, after news that Che Jinzhu was surprised, immediately to see Xian Fu Ju detention. Che Jinzhu will be in two years in Xian Fu said what, with my eyes full of tears in the salty blessing and how to respond to the car Jinzhu, curious about. In addition, the trailer woman will be 10 tonight (Korea time) broadcast of the twelfth set. BNT news feeds [micro-blog] Wu Jingyi MBC map (the commissioning editor: Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: