Sugar business head clearance high expectations

Sugar business head clearance than expected Sina high fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In the latest issue of the report shows a record 347983 hands of speculative net long hold, higher than in July when the previous high of more than 7471 hands. Speculative net long mainly through the addition of 24807 hands long, but there are also 6119 short hand back. The bulls have also reached a record high of 414330, with net bulls reaching a total of $31%. Index fund holdings 11621 hand net more, mainly by short covering. In regard to the New York October contract rose 170 basis points in the background, from Tuesday to Tuesday this speculative buying tide is not surprising. Perhaps even more surprising is the net short positions in the business to raise the 42545 hand, while closing the long positions (may be profit) while adding short positions. There have been a lot of recent reports of commercial bear suffering, increased margins and possible short covering. The latest report shows that the report is wrong. One explanation is that most of the short sellers are hedged by spot market bulls. Although futures rose will indeed increase the cost of financing, production traders may be in the collection and shipment just flat out spot corresponding short positions (at least in October) without loss of short covering. In the long run, the huge bull speculative positions can be seen as a huge threat to the bull market. The fact is that speculative bulls are willing to roll from October to March, even if the cost of moving to their disadvantage. This is a proof of their adherence to the bull market. In October, a large block of long positions successfully passed away, this is not a dangerous way to leave. Now, however, they may be more vulnerable to retracement as they move to higher priced contracts in March. (Thailand to wire) agricultural products purchase network trading platform provider 16988- national agricultural commodities; [sugar, oil, corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, soybean meal] free resource release, purchase and docking; quote – click to view the quotation, the bulk of agricultural products into the market [shares] discuss Sina Finance相关的主题文章: