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"Underground book" shows the reading anxiety – Sohu comments Guangming commentator: Recently, British actor Elmar Watson? Will you love books in any corner of the subway, and a message note caught in the book, in order to promote national reading and reading the subway, on the Internet caused no small sensation. November 15th at half past eight in the morning, in order to encourage people to read more in the Internet age, to share the joy of reading, actor Huang Xiaoming in Beijing to carry out the Chinese version of the subway lost book". In addition to Huang Xiaoming, many performing arts and cultural circles are also carried out on the north and other places on the subway to lose the book battle". China version of "underground", a WeChat in the circle of friends scraper, netizens have said to go to pick up the book "". It is not difficult to imagine, such a slightly entertaining activities, and the carrier books highlight the cultural temperament of the combination, in addition to stardom and blessings, spread effect should be considerable. Activities have positive significance, such as in the vast surface of the water to throw stones, although not set off a wave of comprehensive reading, but the ripples may inspire some of the desire to ink paper ink. What is worth pondering, this event attracted a lot of slots in the network. Many people think that this is just a show, or even a marketing, or the cottage of foreign ideas, which should be a look at. Whether the activities launched or put up a pageantry of Internet users on the "show", "speculation" doubt, have demonstrated this era of reading anxiety. Especially China already in the public context is defined as "a state of ceremonies", "ancient civilization" in contemporary has suffered a "awkward reading" reality. According to Chinese News Publishing Research Institute organized the Thirteenth National Reading survey in 2015, China’s per capita amount of reading paper books 7.84, annual per capita amount of reading is about 16 of the European and American countries, the Nordic countries reached an average of 24 more. In the event of the launch of the United Kingdom, this figure is as high as 64. Lively activities and the grim reality of a comparison, naturally unavoidable encounter this time is not as good as reading the emotional catharsis. Reading with many different public appeal, it is not hidden in the corner of the unknown, on the contrary, Chinese has been living in "with more books". Who is "all things are, only high school," contemporary "books are the ladder of human progress" slogan, probably every school standard. Books in China generally do not constitute barriers to access, China’s book publishing volume has long been the world’s first, the price is also low in the world. In this context, set off another round of reading call, naturally tired of the audience, but also deeply meaningless. The Song dynasty literati Qian Weiyan said: "life is but a good read, read and sit, lying on the toilet, reading novels, reading small speech, not instant release volumes also cover." Reading has become a way of life. On the contrary, this study how to become a "posture", for outward declared to the people "I am reading". As the annual World Book Day, social media is often modified "cordial reading according to" shuabing. Reading has become the highlight of the cultural style, has become a conspicuous consumption". Can not say to love reading attitude, put up a pageantry organized activities are false, or is not consistent with the.相关的主题文章: