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South Korean officials say North Korea last month, China’s response to the execution of a senior foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying held a regular press conference Q: 29, Pakistan economic corridor corridor summit and Expo held in Islamabad. Pakistani Prime Minister Sheriff said that the Sino Pakistani economic corridor construction not only has economic value, but also has a significant strategic value, far-reaching significance. Do you have any comment on this? Can you tell us about the progress of the construction of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor? A: the Sino Pakistani economic corridor is a consensus reached by the two governments, which is of great significance to strengthen the interoperability and economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. Currently, the two sides have established a good communication and coordination mechanism on the corridor construction, the smooth progress of the project, the corridor has entered the full implementation phase. We are willing to work with Pakistan to promote the continuous progress of the construction of the corridor, corridor as soon as possible to benefit the two peoples achievements. Q: the South Korean foreign ministry published the news that the first South Korean Foreign Ministry official today’s visit to China and Korea and China during the G20 summit in Hangzhou, heads of state meeting consultations. I would like to ask the progress of the consultations to what stage? What is China’s position on this? A: as you said, Lin Shengnan, the first official of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Korea, visited China today to exchange views with China on issues related to the Hangzhou summit of the group of twenty. G20 Hangzhou summit will be held this weekend, we are looking forward to. G20 Member States and guests and leaders of relevant international organizations will be invited to attend the meeting. Guests are tourists, China as a sponsor, will give leaders and guests warm hospitality. As we all know, it is normal to hold bilateral meetings and contacts in various forms during the multilateral meetings and activities. We are according to the schedule coordination of relevant bilateral meetings, and maintain close communication with relevant parties including South Korea, we will release relevant information. Q: the non partisan Library of the Australian Parliament today produced and distributed a manual warning members to carefully assess China’s investment intentions in Australia, said China is trying to create anti American forces in asia. What is China’s comment on this? In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday that the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, the car bomb attack was a terrorist attack, can you provide more information? Who do you think is behind the scenes? A: I don’t know anything about the first question you mentioned. However, it is beneficial for both sides to carry out mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation between China and Australia in line with market principles. The Chinese government has always asked Chinese enterprises to operate legally both at home and abroad, and also hope that the relevant state government will provide a fair, equitable and transparent environment for Chinese enterprises to invest overseas. China has always been an open and tolerant attitude and spirit to develop friendly and mutually beneficial relations with all countries in the world. On the second question, yesterday we have strongly condemned the terrorist attack on the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is currently investigating the terrorist attacks. We will work with Kyrgyzstan, identify the organization of terrorist attacks and personnel specific information as soon as possible. Q: India has been opposed to the construction of the Sino Pakistani economic corridor, because the corridor will go through a controversial 7相关的主题文章: