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Han said this year there is no South Korean film released in China in previous years three or four – Beijing Reference News Network reported on November 26th Korean media said, statistics released the Korean Film Council shows that this year the South Korean film in the China cinema market prior to crop failure, every year 3 to 4 customers in China released. According to Yonhap reported in November 23rd this year, South Korea’s first viewing the number of broken million film "Busan line" and "tunnel" "LUCK-KEY" and hit the copyright is China overpriced, but the "Assassination" in China in September 2015 after the release, it failed to meet customers in the theater and the audience Chinese. According to the Korean Film Council, although China did not impose sanctions on China and South Korea Co production film project, but the project’s heavy-hearted, trembling, lest cause the project to fail to say the wrong thing. A large "godless" South Korean director Kim Ki-duk and the Chinese co production plan also give up halfway. Korean actor Ji-Won Ha, Chun Jung Myung and Chinese actor Berlin Chan starred in the comedy "fatal love" the original plan in April released simultaneously in both China and South Korea, but is now released next month in korea. Large Korean film distribution company in the first to enter the market Chinese CJ entertainment media company in the Chinese remake of "veteran", for many Coproductions production. CJ said that 5 to 10 of South Korea Co production plan has been launched, but in the planning stage is not affected, the company is concerned about the situation changes. South Korean film distribution company show Allen in China last year to set up a branch, plan to join the Huayi Group, in 3 years in more than 6 movies. Allen said the show is currently being produced, CO productions have hired China director and actor, is not expected to have a big impact. Because the Han "Chinese rumors, according to the Ministry of foreign affairs website news, held in the 21 China foreign ministry’s regular press conference, spokesman Geng Shuang made three responses: first of all, I have not heard of the so-called" limit to South korea". Second, China has maintained a positive attitude towards cultural exchanges between China and South korea. But I believe we can understand that the cultural exchanges between the two countries is the need for public opinion. Third, China is firmly opposed to the deployment of the United States, South Korea, Sade anti missile system, this position is also well-known. Chinese people have expressed dissatisfaction with this, I believe that the parties should be aware of this sentiment. Yonhap reported that the industry analysts believe that Chinese Foreign Ministry denied issued "limit order Han", South Korean media speculation "Han limit order" would destroy the atmosphere of cooperation between China and South korea.相关的主题文章: