South Korea canceled small bust can not be firefighters prescribed or recruit female players sichen

South Korea’s abolition of bust can not be prescribed by firefighters or recruit female players [global network comprehensive report], according to the South Korean "women’s news" reported on February 19th, the Korean National Security Service announced 18 days, consider relaxing women to participate in firefighters selection of chest circumference requirements. According to South Korea’s current firefighters regulations, firefighters bust should be more than half of the height, because people with well-developed chest muscles. When firefighters were selected in 2015, 3 of the 7 candidates who passed the written examination were eliminated due to bust, including the first written test and physical fitness test, and his chest circumference was smaller than the required 1cm, which caused great controversy in the Korean society at that time. South Korean national security agency explained that the scene rescue, firefighters muscle and heart lung endurance determines the physical strength, the government accepted the academic "bust and physical fitness is not directly related" proposal, the future will be considered to increase the physical training of the relay. In the process of implementing the law, the government is also constantly modifying unreasonable parts for the selection of excellent talents. (internship compile: Jiang Haiyang   peer review: Li Xiaofei) editor in charge: SN226 韩国取消胸围小不能当消防员规定 或招女队员   [环球网综合报道]据韩国《女性新闻》2月19日报道,韩国国民安全处18日宣布,考虑放宽女性参加消防员选拔时的胸围要求。据韩国现行消防员法规,消防员胸围应该超过身高的一半,因为胸肌发达的人力气大。   2015年消防员选拔时,笔试通过的7名考生中有3人因胸围不合格而被淘汰,其中包括笔试和体能测试的第一名,他的胸围比要求的小1cm,这件事当时在韩国社会上引起了极大的争议。   韩国国民安全处相关人士解释说,现场救援时,消防员肌肉和心肺持久力决定着体力,政府接受了学界“胸围和体能没有直接关系”的建议,今后会考虑 增加往返接力的体能训练。在法律实行过程中,为选拔优秀人才,政府也在不断修改不合理的部分。(实习编译:姜海洋 审稿:李小飞) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: