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[Songcheng] small chrysanthemum rhyme legend at the Millennium song scene reproduction – Sohu was once traveling in the Southern Song Dynasty capital of Ling’an Hangzhou has a "Songcheng", was once the capital of Northern Song Dynasty Kaifeng opened a "small Songcheng", Songcheng is the most prestigious large multimedia show "thousand back the song", this time to open, just have the opportunity to enjoy a close, today to share with you to appreciate! "Songcheng" is the transformation of the original "Tokyo Art Center", is a collection of accommodation, catering, entertainment and other services in one multi-functional business center, opened in November 18, 2013 the city business, construction area of about 50 thousand square meters, the characteristics of folk catering business district area of about 20 thousand square meters, the main business. Special snack and country flavor, and has won the "native to the living room", "foreign tourists preferred", "city of the new name card", "cultural tourism landmark" reputation. The large indoor musical "song" a thousand times a day at 16:00 and 20:00 time in Xiao Song Santo hall, the show is 90 minutes long, "the repertoire of thousands back to song" the song in the background of 300 years of history and culture, in thousands of years of history and culture. As the main line, focus on opening water, flowers, people the city and the city of five elements, divided into "millennium a sigh", "Zen", "pop" sound, "and" breeze "," martyrs "dream", "spirit" the seven chapters, using the most advanced stage effects, holographic technology and creative means of high-tech, modern fashion elements into the history of traditional culture, conforms to the modern people’s aesthetic appreciation, with magnificent momentum, brilliant color reproduction of Bianjing people in the downtown, close to bel beauty Miller, enjoy the song culture information, feel the charm of Song Wenhua. This line of Kaifeng, a total of three days of travel, the first two days in the rain in the bubble, a few planned outdoor performances are "bubble soup", but fortunately, the performance of the small Songcheng in the indoor. "Thousands back to song" song in the history of 300 years will be the story of people for having heard it many times re interpretation of modern means, will the life of ordinary life in the Song Dynasty Kyoto of ordinary people and modern native with music and dance situation appear, interpret the culture of the Song Dynasty, Kaifeng historical, in the country is a strong local characteristics of tourism performance. OK, please follow my camera, plus "thousands back to song" programs provided by concise text introduction, go to the "Millennium"! Overture "Millennium sigh" this is a prelude to the stage of rippling, clank lofty tower, Longting, Xiangguo temple…… This is the scene of the Song Dynasty prosperous Sheng, is the epitome of the Song Dynasty, in the millennium after today, it’s calm atmosphere, elegant style and one by one present in front of people…… The first act of "Zen" baby cry out on a legendary life, her childhood Mu Vaughn, because they called Buddhists as teacher, said teachers. Suddenly the baby has already become Bianjing eatable sakuran, dressed in Lotus Sheng makeup, a beautiful dance. The second act "marketplace" Hongqiao dock, the field of drama and paving buildings, heavy traffic, play.相关的主题文章: