Song Jia cut his hair 10 years old, the old driver of the car will turn over-antik

Song Jia cut short 10 years old, are old driver of the car will turn to turn recently, has always been like clothing Q high Song Jia to attend a brand activities C Meo Collective, dressed in a black dress, still looks strong enough aura. We only just cut her hair dirty pink is too bright, the camera zooms in when it is unavoidable to the extent, looks not very harmonious. We take a closer look, with Choker as the boundary, skin on the wrong foundation was quite distinct from each other, the color number. And the amount of hair and a little bit of the next half of the face, that is, her sister knocked on the blackboard all day to say, is not suitable for short hair, the characteristics of the collection ah! We even fancams also does not add a little idol halo. So the most terrible thing is that she has always been slim, even with a double chin and the relatively shallow color collocation thick black hair, makeup stylist had to give a bad review. So the studio released official map seems to have noticed skin problems, repair after the map looks more comfortable, just head on this piece of short pink still attention, always reflects the sense of existence. In fact, this is not the first time you come to see new styling hair Song Jia, just cut her hair, she made a self portrait. Obviously is the first exposure, but she is in the tone of the tone of their own representation of their own, refused to comment. We can not help but wonder whether the new styling received before reveal to the public around the poor crowd of fans have said, for a new hairstyle Song Jia hit the face of luhan. We send the deer Hanchang powder such as, like, have different views. You see Song Jia before the shoulder length hair is beautiful, you know now how dirty pink hair doesn’t suit her. We Wob short hair with red lips is full of light Cougar charm half of the rolling ball head, cute loose hair comb, elegant show although the public almost overwhelmingly think Song Jia’s new hairstyle is not suitable for her, but her mood does not seem to be affected, live to do public service, still seems narcissistic. But we, for other problems have recently lost level, Song Jia must still be aware of, with pink hair after she attended the event, micro-blog said it would win their hearts. We have in fact, reader will find in its 16 year, Song Jia once Megatron arena "clothing products out" label, seems to gradually lost its former glory, are dazzling era is gone for ever, even the occasional mistakes happen. The other half at the end there is no problem, but the grandiose trousers really make people feel too hard. This force will emerge from time to time Zhuangnen modeling, cos high school girl. So while this bright blind leopard skirt, that are old driver, will turn the car in the gutter. We Waichuan + pile holes in jeans, fashion elements seems to be no success. So this is more satisfactory, the general shape is no amazing. Come before new haircut, on the ball head love love end, almost become the standard. We want to tie a Baseball Shirt fleece to tie loose small meatball head or suit, to support a good mood when a dirty, also want to try, the style is more and more variable, but it is not really suitable, I am afraid it is.相关的主题文章: