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All of the small reunion | injury, many years later became a wine – Sohu – maternal Title: Happy lollipop painter: material used SONNY HUANG: oil pastel, cosmetics 1 heard Douban has a study group called "parents are the scourge, idea is exposing their parents on their own transgressions. I guess it should be like this: "parents quarrel, noise is very fierce, the mother suddenly picked up a bottle of dichlorvos to the father said, you told me so I let you taste the taste of lost loved ones! Then he went to my mouth……" Anyway, here I was laughing. To my parents’ IQ and EQ, do not produce such a stupid thing if it is frightful to the ear, to mark it, careless. So I never go, I’m not a disgrace? But I know that my parents still do a lot of things hurt my young heart, especially my mom’s whims. Think about growing up I have done a lot of damage to my son’s mind, a newspaper also reported that I will not pursue. Fortunately, they are more resistant to tearing, tearing resistance means that I was bitten by mosquitoes, but a little itchy, and even the bag will not rise, but the same mosquito bite, my son’s bite will be swollen into a pig. He’s so torn, it’s hard to be my son. But it is something. Several years later, when the injury is now occasionally itch, scratch after, when you want to drink, then carry out happy, is also a good wine! 2 when I was a child I fear most is Children’s Day. In school, I will be the first injury. I never expect a show of its own, the backbone to do play, but even a cheerleader, the teacher will pick the right pick, until only one teacher — I have not thought about, let me on behalf of a class by the audience, you really don’t worry I will be proud of? I’m gonna be hurt again. My mom has a natural rejection of everything I buy. For example, easy to infiltrate cheerleading, I excited to ask my mother to buy me a pair of white shoes, because the cheerleaders will also be unified dress, white shirt and black skirt I have a pair of white shoes, we also organized people. Lunch time long summer, I can have the necessity to buy this pair of shoes in front of my mother, my mother could do not to utter a single word with eyes closed repose. I wonder how my temper can be so good, but this advantage is not why the continuation of it? Finally, don’t know which words impressed by my mother, she suddenly jumped up and rode a bike to take me to buy shoes, passing through the gate of our school, just to see the uniforms beautifully dressed girls standing in front of the school rehearsal, everyone shook hands garland shouted my name, I wish to find a the seam drilling. Then my mother started to blame me: Oh, why didn’t you say so?…… I muttered: obedient as I said…… The influence of the greatest thing to me, later, my mother gave me is completely out of the mill, then I live相关的主题文章: