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Sing as you like! The 6 year old farmer net song bad 8 Walkman – the Beijing Sichuan online news (reporter Yang Hanguo Wu Li) "ah, peony flowers, the most bright……" The afternoon of October 24th, a high pitched singing in Yingshan county Spark Town Village eight groups of authigenic ring mountain, the song attracted a group of villagers are working in the field, we have dropped on the song to the farm. A tune sings, we spontaneously applaud for the singer. The passion sing is a spry, white haired old man, named Xie Shizhou, 68 years old this year, is a genuine farmer. The earth when the stage singing along with him along the way because of the poor family, until he was 13 years old when he began to go to school, when he was in primary school monitor. At that time, the school opened a music lesson, Xie Shizhou’s vocal knowledge is in primary school during the enlightenment. As a good voice, and the teacher’s encouragement, Xie Shizhou when a command and music class in the class. Due to constraints, shortly after entering junior high school, Xie Shizhou took the family as a son-in-law. "But you can’t eat one day, but you can’t sing a song a day." Get married and have children, life is plain and simple, but singing along with him all the way. Whether at work or walk in the market, intermittent way, every day he would sing self-assured or supercilious. Even in the most difficult times, there is no pause. "At first, we all hear him sing this singing that, others say he is a" madman ", a day later he did not sing, we also used some." Xie Shizhou and the group of nine, said the old man. The "Red Net" song out 8 "Walkman" through their own hard work, plus daughter work, in 2010, Xie Shizhou home built 3 a two-story house, one family life was enjoyable. Because singing, the old man’s life open-minded, do not be surprised. Anyone who knew him, said he was a "happy God"". This year, Xie Shizhou also purchased the first digital audio player, it can listen to the radio, and can play the song "Walkman" became a favorite old man. Many of the songs heard after repeated several times, he can sing it verbatim, both singing pop songs, also opera aria. So far, the elderly will sing songs with more than 200 in the first, "Walkman" has worn out 8. One day in September this year, Yingshan County farmers do discipline inspection staff, vice chairman of the county Writers Association Yan Lianghua in the local inspection work, Xie Shizhou’s understanding of this hobby to inadvertently, and invite the elderly live performances, Xie Shizhou sang "impromptu", "shooting back peony song", the opera "the red lantern" from "departure drink a bowl of wine.". Yan Lianghua recorded the video then uploaded to the Yingshan micro literature WeChat public platform, followed by the Yingshan county Party Committee Propaganda Department of WeChat public platform, Yingshan broadcast forwarded. In just two days, the number of hits on the two platforms exceeded 6000 people, giving thousands of comments. Many netizens message, praised him to sing well, is a folk master. The greatest wish of life on the big stage in the home of the house.相关的主题文章: