Silver shop in the rape and murder of 11 people suspected of campus hidden areas (map)

Silver shop in the rape and murder of 11 people suspected of campus hidden areas (map) Gao Chengyong to operate the canteen canteen door locked inside the original title: focus on the silver serial murder case cracked field Tafang: suspect likes to smoke white smoke in the campus canteen hidden area western daily news (reporter Wen Jie Gansu and Inner Mongolia silver sinus) Baotou rape murder crime in 11, killing 11 people suspect Cheng Yong (male, 52 years old) was arrested in Gansu Baiyin province the day before. After initial interrogation, Gao Chengyong on the implementation in May 1988 to February 2002 confessed to the crime, "8· silver; 05" series of rape murder which solved. August 28th, the western Chinese commercial news reporters Gao Chengyong and the suspect was arrested last visited the place. Gao Chengyong is the canteen operators in the Baiyin Industrial school campus in the east side of a small cottage independent unit. The name "Baiyin Industrial School Student Services Department of the canteen, located in the side of the school canteen, the school was another row of bungalows block. Go north along the canteen, a dormitory, and the dormitory has been unusually dilapidated, broken windows, garbage all over the corridor, belonging to the school has abandoned the student apartment. Gao Chengyong run canteen so wrapped between the dining room and a row of bungalows, is hidden and humble. The canteen looks plain old, it seems that some years of chen. Insiders told reporters that the shop was established in its early years, has 30 years of history. Gao Chengyong’s wife in three years ago took over the store, we are familiar with Gao Chengyong is that two things. He and his wife together to look at the store, and others rarely deal with." The insider said. The canteen is locked, the reporter saw through the transparent window, more than and 40 square meter shop on both sides are working and living area. The working area is the department store shelves, stacking drinks snacks, stationery, etc., also placed a bottle of mineral water on the counter. The living area includes cooking area, the other side is a double bed. "His wife probably didn’t know he was caught yesterday, but he was still busy in the store. When he came to the store this morning, he moved some things, and the door was shut." An insider told reporters in the school. Although the incident is not high, but as Chengyong finally captured the place, Baiyin Industrial school once attracted attention, the media come in a throng. Baiyin Industrial school belongs to the west, the school is surrounded by urban and rural areas. The school staff on duty confirmed that Gao Chengyong and his wife run a small shop in the school, but has not been called the relevant departments permission, allowed reporters to enter the school interview. Reporters visited the periphery, a lot of local people are still together to discuss the matter of Gao Chengyong. "At that time, he published his photos online, I did not expect him, from the appearance, he did not look like a murderer, is no ordinary people." The school gate a supermarket owner familiar with Gao Chengyong, "because he is in the school canteen is not the sale of cigarettes, he came to my shop to buy cigarettes, usually buy 5 yuan of baisha. Then talk about doing business together, will not talk more, are just a few words to go." "Usually looks foolish.相关的主题文章: