Sichuan young baseball players suffering from kidney failure caused the collapse of academic

Sichuan young baseball players suffering from kidney failure caused the collapse of academic resources hollowed out (Figure) Sichuan dragon baseball team Huang Shihao misfortune to the community to lend a helping hand to Chengdu Daily reporter Li Bo photojournalist Wang Qin on clay village in the northeast of the town of Zhongjiang County in Sichuan province in the home, 1 meter 86, a muscle Huang Shihao wearing slippers, the foot is still there is edema, chronic renal failure caused by gout let him in a few days ago still unable to. Huang Shihao looked at the pictures on the wall playing baseball. Officially entered the provincial team, admitted to the Chengdu Sport University Department of sports, sports training, it should be Huang Shihao harvest year, but the sudden disease not only to the admission delay, baseball career cannot continue, also let originally poor them into more trouble. The accident found faint renal failure in July 22nd, Huang Shihao and his teammates in Chinese Baseball League in Shanghai on behalf of the Sichuan dragon baseball team in the game, he suddenly fainted, and when he woke up, not yet aware of the seriousness of the problem. Before training also fainted once, that is heatstroke." After returning to Chengdu, after examination, the hospital found that the right kidney function of Huang Shihao is completely lost, left renal failure, and 1/3 temporary functions, because blood test has not reached the standard of dialysis, can only rely on drugs to control. 20 year old Huang Shihao is in the golden age of life, as an athlete’s physical quality, suffering from such a serious illness so that he and his family did not think. Until after Huang Shihao was sick in retrospect, before it appeared from time to time back, but he thought that the athletes often appear in the lumbar muscle strain, and don’t pay attention to. Since the hospital, Huang Shihao has spent 50 thousand yuan, home savings have been hollowed out. At home, he is waiting for the rest of October 8th West China Hospital (micro-blog, WeChat) diagnostic results. "Temporary or rely on medication to control, but if it is worse, whether hemodialysis or kidney transplant requires a lot of money, talking about his illness, Huang Shihao sounded very sad, he also knows that, by their own family condition is unable to afford such expensive medical expenses. His fundraising leader sent ten thousand yuan when Huang Shihao fell ill after Sichuan dragon baseball team in addition to their teammates gave a heart accident, also initiated donations, to help him raise medical funds. In September 27th, the team released the official WeChat public number Huang Shihao’s identity information and hospital show condition that at the same time also announced the Sichuan dragon baseball team captain Deng Haijun Huang Shihao as the donor bank card account. WeChat’s official said: "Huang Shihao has completely lost the right kidney, left renal failure is due to a blood test, has not reached the standard of dialysis, can only rely on drug control, early treatment costs have let Huang Shihao poor family spent their savings, hope the community of caring people to donate money to help the baseball player survive the storm, a speedy recovery, life is precious, thank you." From fundraising to now, Huang Shihao has received 50 thousand yuan of donations from all walks of life here, and these donations are being sent to the WeChat team on the public number for the publicity, the money for the luxury world Huang and his family is tantamount to timely assistance. In particular"相关的主题文章: