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Sichuan, a new round of rural reform more breakthrough focus on ten aspects of key poverty (reporter Li Miao) to the land circulation looked at the foot of all to do the "identity card", Ziyang’s first family farm — Anyue Tuwang family farm owners Huang Xiaoyan determined years to organic red to expand the area of more than 1000 potato planting mu. In September 17th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of agriculture, in a few days ago in Ziyang City, the rural land contract management right right of inspection and acceptance, the city won the provincial expert group of "good" score. Sichuan province is the right of land contract management right is speeding up, has completed the investigation refers to the community, farmers signed an area of 81 million 245 thousand mu, accounting for 80.6% of the area is progress, ranking third in the country. By the end of this year will be basically completed, 1 years earlier than the central requirements. Of the party since the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the provincial Party committee to deepen the comprehensive rural reform as a breakthrough in the reform, the main direction of reform: finalized with a focus on land management, the innovation of agricultural management system, the development of appropriate scale operation, and strive to improve the level of agricultural productivity and agricultural modernization. 3 years ago, around the main direction of the formation of the whole province set together, played a combination of boxing, and in the rural property right with more accurate ", the transfer of property rights trading market construction, various forms of land moderate scale circulation of rural collective assets, the shareholding system reform and management of rural collective construction land use right into the city the rural homestead system reform, agricultural social service system, the construction of modern agricultural products circulation system construction, financial funds equity quantitative reform of rural financial system, the construction of 10 aspects of key poverty, at the forefront of the country. In the new round of agricultural and rural reform, Sichuan once again achieve a breakthrough." Provincial Agriculture Committee responsible person said. Our province to carry out innovative "multi right with it, to find the owner of Bazhong farmers up every tree and bush, received the" eight rights "in a"". At present, the collective land ownership, collective construction land use rights, land use right is basically completed, rural water conservancy project is indeed the right certification rate of nearly 45%. In August 22nd 200, the village collective Asset Management Co Luzhou Naxi district all founded. The same pilot has been expanded to 21 cities, and opened in 10 global first pilot counties. Set the right to set the people’s minds at the same time, covering the province’s rural property transfer transaction service system is also initially formed, arable land circulation area increased to 16 million 889 thousand acres. The circulation of cultivated land in the moderate scale operation rate of 63.3%, 29 thousand family farms, 64 thousand farmer cooperatives, 8807 leading enterprises in the rise of new forces for farming. 20 County agricultural production throughout the social service pilot orderly, 9310 Township agricultural technology extension organizations active in the country, more than 6 villages built logistics network, social service system is becoming a new engine of modern agriculture. Hold the "hand", other problems have taken advantage of crack. In September 7th, Pixian Deyuan Zhen Ping Cheng village a management of rural collective construction land to 12 thousand yuan per mu each year worth listing rent, become the county to knock off the national "new land reform" second after 365 days of the sixteenth cases of mallet. Luzhou.相关的主题文章: