Shiyan man gives vent to his sister and cuts off his brother-in-law’s hands and feet mia farrow

Shiyan man to hire out sister cut the quarrel with her husband and brother-in-law bar fight, looking for family help, brother sister would not be bullied, so the brother-in-law revenge. Unexpectedly, such a tragic scene also occurred in Shiyan. Husband and wife quarrel because hire cut brother-in-law tendons in hands and feet on the evening of May 20th, occurred in Shiyan Yunyang District incitement injury case. Because of family chores, the man Zhao and his wife Cao quarrel, after the beatings of cao. Jo’s brother sister learned to eat the loss, then hire Liuliping town residents Wu and Lee, came to the area of Yunyang Zhao retaliation. In the meantime, Zhao hands tesujis, two feet tendons were cut off and Lee wu. Subsequently, Wu and Li absconded. Forensic identification, Zhao hand and foot injuries are minor injuries and two minor injuries. Due to the failure to find Wu and Li’s whereabouts, the police ordered the two people listed as online pursuit target. Female police posing as a tenant burglary murderer wit not long ago, Yunyang district police according to the clues that, Wu and Lee may hide in Liuliping town home, then contact the Danjiangkou Municipal Public Security Bureau police station to assist in the investigation liuliping. Considering Lee and Wu Duo has certain anti reconnaissance consciousness, the police decided to send someone close to the target, then the implementation of the arrest. "We plan a worry act rashly and alert the enemy, female police disguised as tenants, in the name of renting to confirm information." Liu Liping said a person in charge of the police station. At 10 pm on September 20th, police arrived near the target house. The female police Chen Yulan tapped on the door several times after the door is opened a crack. "I heard you have a house to rent. I’d like to rent a room." Chen Yulan was talking, while quickly read the situation inside the house, and quickly in the mind will house two men with Wu and Lee photo alignment. After checking, Chen Yulan decided to open the door of the man and another man inside the house, it is the police looking for 4 months Wu and li. Chen Yulan entered the room while pretending to go to the side of the ambush in the vicinity of the police made a sign. Then, waiting for a long time police rushed into the house, and did not react Wu and Lee were instantly fell to the ground. After being arrested, Lee and Wu confessed to employment wounding. At present, two people have been detained in accordance with the law.

十堰男子给姐姐出气 雇人砍断姐夫手脚筋   和丈夫发生争吵打架,找娘家人帮忙,弟弟不愿意姐姐受欺负,于是对姐夫实施报复。没想到,这样的悲惨一幕也发生在十堰。   夫妻吵架妻弟雇人砍断姐夫手脚筋   今年5月20日晚,十堰郧阳区发生一起雇凶伤害案。因为家庭琐事,男子赵某与妻子曹某发生争吵,后对曹某进行了殴打。   曹某的弟弟得知姐姐吃了亏,遂雇请六里坪镇居民吴某和李某,来到郧阳区对赵某实施报复。其间,赵某双手手筋、双脚脚筋被吴某和李某砍断。   随后吴某和李某潜逃。经法医鉴定,赵某手、脚处的伤势为轻伤一级和轻伤二级。由于未能找到吴某和李某的下落,警方遂将二人列为网上追逃目标。   机智女民警乔装租客入室擒凶   前不久,郧阳区警方根据线索得知,吴某和李某可能躲藏在六里坪镇的家中,遂联系丹江口市公安局六里坪派出所协助调查。考虑到李某和吴某二人具有一定的反侦察意识,警方决定先派人靠近确定目标,然后再实施抓捕。   “担心打草惊蛇,我们计划由一名女民警扮成租房客,以租房的名义前往确认信息。”六里坪派出所一位负责人介绍说。   9月20日10时许,民警们来到目标房屋附近。女民警陈玉岚轻轻敲了敲房门,几声之后,房门被打开了一条细缝。“听说你们这里有房子出租,我想来租间房。”陈玉岚一边说话,一边快速地看了一遍屋内的情况,并迅速在脑海中将屋内的两名男子与吴某和李某的照片进行比对。   经核对,陈玉岚确定开门的男子和屋内的另外一名男子正是警方寻找了4个月的吴某和李某。陈玉岚一边佯装进屋细谈,一边向埋伏在附近的民警打了个手势。紧接着,等待已久的民警迅速冲进屋内,还没反应过来的吴某和李某瞬间被按倒在了地上。   被抓后,李某和吴某对受雇伤人一事供认不讳。目前,两人已被依法拘留。相关的主题文章: