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Sheng Wenbing: the European Central Bank gold non US high altitude halt the troops and wait on the Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The dollar index yesterday closed bottom rebound with long under the shadow of a small candle bounced back to 94.05 in the low middle line, multi strategy, after the show began to rebound quickly sell dollars, repair market. Yesterday’s Asian session dollar index failed to extend the upside, but the pressure of the 95 mark line pressing expansion weak fall, 1 hour cycle Lianyin continued the plate fell, did not long back, timeshare maintained the overall downward, the matching period in Europe began to accelerate, then the breakdown of the 94.70 support line, in 4 hours to close out 5 Lianyin sell to 94.45 line, multi start approach, straddle several rounds of the game, the Bulls win market initiative, pull high evening gradually regained 95, upside to 95.15 bottom line, short-term success, much lower today as the main idea. When the United States in September 3rd Zhou applied for unemployment benefits for the first time 259 thousand, expected to be 265 thousand, the former value of 263 thousand. United States in August 27th when the week continued jobless claims 2 million 144 thousand, expected to be 2 million 151 thousand, the former value of 2 million 159 thousand was revised to 2 million 151 thousand. The Federal Reserve released the countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB) policy statement said, "when the vulnerability was significantly higher than the normal level, it will gradually increase in capital requirements, to enhance the toughness of global banks. Gold fell again yesterday ascribed difficult all day long received in Yinxian down to 1338 line, the middle short strategy. Show heavy pressure above 1350. Gold yesterday in the Asian session, gold opened after the rapid kill slightly fell to 1342 line, it expected the downward, then quickly recovered, then the short-term market hunters capital approach then opened a spiral shock rise. But the upside is small, in the matching period in Europe 1 hours 5 Lianyang upside, but the actual uplink space of less than $3, the actual surface, strong, weak, and the highest intraday upside to 1349 line, long unable to continue to push up, the pressure in the 1350 line, then the continued retracement 1 hours, even the cloudy evening fell, the breakdown of the 1 hours of MA60, opened down, today can altitude ideas the world’s largest gold ETF–SPDR GOLD. TRUST positions decreased 0.13% compared with the previous day, the current position of $950.62 tons. U.S. 10 year benchmark Treasury yields rose by 7.5 basis points, the biggest one-day gain since August 5th, to $1.614%, a record high of two weeks. 30 year U.S. bond yields rose by 8.6 basis points, the biggest one-day gain in more than two months, to $2.322%. U.S. bond yields rose 3.6 basis points in two years, the biggest one-day gain in the first week of two, to $0.778%. After the euro bulls finally turn strong upside failure yesterday fell all day long closed a long shadow on the small line to line 1.1260, to honor the long upside on the pre相关的主题文章: