Shanghai over 5 into the public mental illness is equivalent to ideological problems

Shanghai Super 5 into the public mental illness is equivalent to the ideological problems of the original title: Shanghai: more than 50% people will be equivalent to the mental illness ideological problem, stimulated by the Beijing October 10 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Chen Jing) twenty-fifth World Mental Health Day, "officially released the 2016 Shanghai public mental health knowledge of 10 results" day. The "results" show that the people of mental health and mental health knowledge rate rose steadily, but there are still more than 50% of the residents will be equivalent to the mental illness ideological problem, or that it is affected by the stimulus caused. Survey shows that people still have misconceptions about the causes of mental illness, there are ways to help bias. According to statistics, 21.8% of the people in Shanghai, the first choice of patients with depression needs to see a psychiatrist, and anxiety disorders, the proportion is only about 16.6%. The depression and anxiety of the case, 62.4% of the people surveyed mainly due to work pressure, for severe mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, 45.4% of the population that is caused by patients with "problems" on the thought, a small percentage of people realize that mental illness is a kind of existence basis biology and genetics of the disease, but due to personal problems. According to the "results", the serious mental disorder casually due to ideological problems, not aware of the need for referral to a specialist help, or delay in treatment of these diseases with reality, and not the cause of treatment. The monitoring points in Shanghai all counties "results" show that attitudes toward psychiatric patients in the past 5 years almost no change in patients with the stigma of mental illness has not diminished, 42% of the residents have a negative view of mental illness, people are also more likely to think the patient is strange, even more may cause harm to others. It is reported that severe mental illness increased year by year, the recurrence rate of mental illness, re hospitalization rate and high disability rate, it is difficult for people with mental disorders to return to social life is one of the challenges facing china. Shanghai is working together to explore the spirit of the people to return to society, "the last mile" for the construction of the road to rehabilitation. On the same day, Shanghai started the "hand in hand society, and love peer" vocational rehabilitation training base. More than 20 companies and the Shanghai municipal mental health center signed a commitment to become a mental obstacle to vocational rehabilitation sunshine training base". Shanghai mental health center said on that day, hope that more enterprises to accept, and for persons with mental disorders to provide employment for job training; I hope the whole society to understand, care and support for the rehabilitation of mental disorders occupation, eliminate social discrimination. World Mental Health Day, October 10th". WHO believes that mental health refers to a healthy state, in this state, everyone could realize their own potential, to adapt to normal life pressure, can effectively work, and to make a contribution to the community. According to reports, the world’s 3/4 mental health disorders patients living in low-income countries. The number of patients with severe mental illness is increasing year by year in china. Countries all over the world each year for the "World Mental Health Day" to prepare a rich and thorough live Kay相关的主题文章: