Shanghai introduction of parking resources sharing guidance residents need to improve

Shanghai introduction of parking resources sharing guidance residents acceptance needs to be improved in Shanghai, a house and a car is still not worry, many areas are staged every day to grab spaces war. In order to ease the parking area is difficult, the Municipal Transportation Commission, the Municipal Construction Committee, the City Board of education, such as the 7 Commission Office, recently introduced and triggered a "guidance on promoting the use of parking resources sharing in the city". However, from the pre pilot situation, the acceptance of the residents have yet to be improved. (concern the "guidance", focusing on residential areas, hospitals, schools and other parking demand, priority use around the walking distance within 300-500 meters, the public, and all kinds of special road parking resources, guide the vehicle fault or temporary parking. Putuo District Cao Yang road all of heaven and earth, the underground parking lot in 2014 to declare the use, through government coordination, at night to the surrounding 8 tight parking area open, but the response is not warm. Sun Jiajie, the project manager for the parking lot, said they were opening 172 parking spaces at night, but only about 55 of them actually applied. Reality: the concerns of the residents, the first, his journey may be very far away, for him to walk. Second of his time, every day I stop there, say something I was sick, I temporarily occupied car there will not pay. The third is to take into account security. A similar situation is not uncommon, a survey report shows that the city is willing to stop to the neighborhood residents only 29%. Putuo District Construction Committee Director Bi Yonglei said the transportation center, which makes the government looking for parking resources, and be more careful and secure: Live: a requirement of enterprise, make the residents feel at ease, first the enterprise is a good management system. Second, according to the price of our region, so that people feel affordable. Third let the residents feel I stopped here, the car is guaranteed, and can take the car at any time. These can be done, people will worry less. At night, the social parking resources open to the surrounding residents. During the day, it is the other way around. Xuhui District Fenglin Street area of 2.69 square kilometers of memory in 4 hospitals, parking problems are very prominent, in front of the hospital and even special parking cattle. The peak parking pilot year, immediate effect. Shanghai jiehui management Mdt InfoTech Ltd product operations manager Tang Chuanshuo said: Live: Zhongshan Dongyuan hospital about a dozen area, 400 meters. During the day more free parking spaces can be given to the hospital for parking, and some areas to provide 2, 3, and some areas to provide a few 10. At night, the surrounding area of the vehicle into the hospital parking. Monday to Saturday, 6 in the evening, to the morning of the second day of 8, Sunday can be parked all day, holidays can be parked all day. For some of the problems encountered in the pilot period, the Municipal Transportation Commission Director Liang Huajun said at the traffic facilities, the district will be in the actual Paimo after the release, the practical operation method, the one point one program, but also to start sharing violations disposal mechanism. Not according to the agreed time to leave and other violations will be punished. Reality: led by the street, in the early carding相关的主题文章: