Shanghai a man inexplicably stabbed residents enthusiastic aunt to stop (video)

Shanghai a man inexplicably stabbed residents enthusiastic aunt to stop the incident occurred in a district of Huangpu District Quxi Road on the inside, after the incident, police, police rushed to the scene to control the murderer. According to district residents: 63 year old victim Mr. Wu was downstairs neighbors, he never met a strangers from behind the man suddenly kicked him and hugged him at his waist, stabbed him. Residents Ms. Zhu: "the victim and I two people in the chat, chatted, I just saw a man face outwards, turn over, wearing red clothes, big guy, came and I think he was wrong, his mouth said: This is what you bastard. " " a kick on the man. After being kicked, the man rushed to the place of bamboo. He said: "what do you do for me?" I don’t even know you. What are you doing to me? Is to kick you, is to kill you. He ran up with a knife." The reporter found the victim Mr. Wu in the hospital, but fortunately no blade into the gut, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Mr. Wu said he was confused. The victim Mr. Wu said: "never before seen him, he came from behind me, kicking my foot, he said, is that you. I said: you do not make a mistake, I don’t know you, you do not. I saw him a little scared, I turned away, want to go, he had the knife I didn’t see, he rushed out a bit, I feel touched here." Is Mr. Wu chat and 61 year old Ms. Zhu rushed immediately to stop the behavior of men, regardless of the time the other hand there is a knife, Ms. Zhu stopped the other’s shoulder, a lot of persuasion. Residents Ms. Zhu: "he and I said, you don’t get excited brother, brother you don’t get excited, calm calm. I took him three times that of " don’t ". He stood up, the victim to speak, he would poke up, I was holding him." The victim Mr. Wu told him not to blind, don’t fiddle with. Brave though Ms. Wu did not take into account their own safety, but still a bit scared. Ms. Zhu said residents should not be afraid, do not know fear not afraid. Her kids go to bed at night scared, scared. That had no consciousness, she afraid of Mr. Wu was stabbed to, did not consider myself. Residents expressed their appreciation for the behavior of Wu, Wu also expressed gratitude to her. Mr. Xu said: "this is not the aunt, yesterday must be out of life, can not run away. She is desperate to learn from her." Wu felt that the victim is very brave aunt Zhu, to praise her, praise her. Thank aunt Zhu’s brave behavior, to encourage her. Village neighborhood Secretary Mr she: "there are some enthusiastic residents also stand out, and we also know that these people’s name, then we have to pass Congress people, or community activities, the meeting of their recognition and praise." After the incident, police, medical personnel rushed to the scene to deal with the scene. It is reported that the man may suffer from mental illness相关的主题文章: