Shandong over packaging, the highest penalty 20 thousand moon cake low-key solid converter

Shandong: over packaging, the highest penalty 20 thousand moon cake, low-key the advent of the traditional festival, excessive packaging phenomenon is common. Will come into effect on October 1st this year the "circular economy of Shandong Province Ordinance" clearly stipulates, in violation of the national mandatory standards for excessive packaging of products, at more than 2000 yuan to 20 thousand yuan fine, and regularly to the public enterprises over packaging of products and other production operators list. In September 14th, the survey found that the situation of excessive packaging of moon cakes was greatly reduced. "Now, to buy their own eating moon cake packaging is simple, and even some people like that kind of moon cake, pure moon cake." Ji’nan citizens Mr. Lin said. From the supply perspective, the manufacturing cost of the mooncakes itself is very low, the price is low, but such manufacturers will too meager profits, and make full use of packaging products to "add value"." Wang Mingyi, associate professor of Shandong University of Finance and international trade, said, "from the demand perspective, China in human society, mostly to buy moon cake gift give, if the price is too low, no face nabuchushou. Therefore, manufacturers use packaging greatly improve prices also just cater to the needs of buyers, resulting in some moon cake prices, although expensive, but still sell well." According to the products of the phenomenon of excessive packaging, deputy party secretary Ding Zhenggang of Ji’nan Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision said: "enterprise is the main body of excessive packaging, to bear the main responsibility. And the government should take the responsibility of supervision." According to the 2010 implementation of the "limit excessive packaging of goods required for national standards of food packaging and cosmetics", 3 layers below, voidage packaging shall not be greater than 60%, the sum of all the packaging costs beyond the initial packing shall not exceed 20% of the sales price of the goods. Shandong Rong yuan grain and Oil Co., the relevant person in charge: "we this year moon cake production, pay special attention to the use of packaging, low environmental protection, like traditional pastry cakes, we use food packaging paper; the public on the pounds to buy, we use the food packaging bag is convenient to carry; prepare for paper gift box gift people each member has the advantages of low cost, to one or two yuan." Six paper wrapped in pastry cakes, with white twine tied, put in a 16 imitation ancient box, in the Mid Autumn Festival the day before from Qingdao delicacy sent to Ms. Dong hand bookstore. This simple design and creative, which combines traditional elements, and exquisite environment, show ingenuity. "Against excessive packaging does not mean non packaging."." Zhang Rui, associate professor of School of design of Shandong College of Arts and Crafts said in visual communication, "now on the packaging design conception, composition and color has been applied very skilled, such as red and gold to express festive auspicious and festive, but the lack of historical performance. Now there is a tendency to return to traditional culture."

山东:过度包装最高可罚2万 月饼低调了   传统佳节来临,过度包装的现象屡见不鲜。将于今年10月1日起施行的《山东省循环经济条例》明确规定,对违反国家强制性标准对产品进行过度包装的,可处2000元以上2万元以下罚款,并定期向社会公布产品过度包装的企业和其他生产经营者名单。9月14日,记者调查发现,月饼过度包装的情况大为减少。   “现在,买给自己吃的月饼包装简单了很多,甚至有人就喜欢那种土月饼、纯正月饼。”济南市民林先生说。   “从供给层面看,月饼本身的制造成本很低,价格也较低,但这样厂家会嫌利润微薄,于是充分利用包装给产品‘增值’。”山东财经大学国际经贸学院副教授王明益说,“从需求层面看,在中国的人情社会,购买礼盒月饼大都为了送人,如果价格太低拿不出手、没面子。因此,厂家利用包装大幅度提高价格也恰好迎合了购买者的需要,导致有些月饼价格虽贵,但依然畅销。”   针对产品过度包装的现象,济南市质量技术监督局党委副书记丁正罡表示:“企业是过度包装的实施主体,要承担主体责任。而政府部门应该承担起监管责任。”根据2010年开始实施的《限制商品过度包装要求食品和化妆品》国家标准,包装层数3层以下、包装空隙率不得大于60%、初始包装之外的所有包装成本总和不得超过商品销售价格的20%。   山东荣元粮油有限公司的相关负责人介绍:“我们今年生产的月饼,特别注意包装的使用,低廉环保,像传统的酥皮月饼,我们用食品包装纸;市民论斤买的,我们用方便携带的食品包装袋;为赠送礼品的人准备了纸质礼盒,每件成本低至一两元。”   六只油纸包着的酥皮月饼,用白色麻线系着,放在一个16开仿古籍的纸盒中,在中秋节的前一日从青岛美食书店寄到董女士的手里。这种简单又有创意的设计,既融合了传统元素,又精致环保,别具匠心。   “反对过度包装,不意味着不包装。”山东工艺美术学院视觉传达设计学院副教授张瑞说,“现在的包装设计对构思、构图和色彩已经运用得很熟练,比如以红色、金色来表达富贵吉祥和节日的喜庆,但缺少对历史的表现。现在有一种趋势,就是回归传统文化。”相关的主题文章: