Shandong introduced five kinds of convenience programs to prove that no longer requires the

Shandong introduced five kinds of convenience programs to prove that the applicant is no longer required to provide proof of "your mother is your mother," prove yourself"…… In recent years, ironic "wonderful proof" events emerge in an endless stream. In order to solve the "permit, work hard" problem, further simplify the optimization of public service, the convenience of the masses pioneering work, based on the previous pilot, recently, "optimization of public service process to facilitate grassroots masses entrepreneurship implementation scheme of Shandong province (hereinafter referred to as the" simplified "implementation plan") released. 7 key reforms to eliminate the obstruction of public service, office director Liu Weiyin introduction, the optimization of service reform has 7 key reform tasks, including open public services and directory service guide, cut all kinds of unnecessary proof and cumbersome procedures, inspection and clean government designated training, and vigorously promote the service innovation, and promote the Internet for online consultation, and actively promote the information sharing and business collaboration, strengthen the service ability and work style building. Liu Weiyin said that the implementation of the above reform tasks, to seize the sun, Jane, excellent, strong 4 key. The sun is drying out the list and service guide, "Jane" is Jane, Jane fell senseless to prove onerous, "excellent" is excellent service, excellent process, "strong" is a strong concept, strong style. In recent years, the establishment of provincial government service centers at all levels to facilitate the masses and enterprises, but the government service center management and operation of non-standard problems have always existed. "Implementation plan" clearly, the relevant departments at all levels (units) to strengthen the administrative service hall management, accelerate the function of the government service center upgrade, promote public services gradually stationed in center for exploration departments (units), will be divided into integration work window to window, change long acceptance as an acceptance, and actively implement the a stop handle, door handle, booking, concierge services, eliminate the obstruction". Provincial government platform before the end of the official operation of the future, the province’s 80 years of age or older can apply for a free will notarized. This is the year the Department of justice in optimization and simplification of a public service matters in the pilot reform of the new service. According to optimize the deployment of service reform, the judiciary should not only provide the public service should be drying out, but also drying out a lawyer, notary, forensic and other intermediary organizations to provide services. What are the public service matters, people how to enjoy these public services? "Implementation plan" clearly the specific requirements of public service matters catalog and service guide, asked the provincial departments (units) by the end of this year announced catalog items and service guide. The spirit should be classified as listed in principle, there are laws and regulations and other normative documents as the basis of public service items are included in the catalogue of documents; but the masses have no service demand and in recent years has been handled, first included in the directory corresponding perfect basis. At the same time, to open up the service for the people of the "last mile", at the same time, the reform in the preparation of public services directory, will be the first of the township (street) administrative power to conduct a comprehensive sort, together with the preparation, list of public power. Service guide is to facilitate the masses to understand the paper.相关的主题文章: