Shaanxi province’s network of 180 thousand households in 2020 transaction volume will reach 700 bill-drop dead diva

Shaanxi province’s network of 180 thousand households in 2020 transaction volume will reach 700 billion in the supply side to promote the reform of the environment, the electricity supplier in Shaanxi nearly two years of rapid development, online shopping has subverted the traditional consumption mode. Unique regional advantages in the "The Belt and Road" in the development of Shaanxi, promote the network consumption growth spurt. The number of Shaanxi online sellers of 180 thousand households in Shaanxi Province Bureau of statistics data show that in 2015, Shaanxi province network retail sales reached 69 billion 290 million yuan, an increase of 47%, total retail sales of social consumer goods growth contribution rate of 33.6%. The province’s network of retail sales ranks tenth, accounting for 1.8% of the share, listed 12 western provinces in second place, behind Sichuan, the western provinces accounted for 25.1% of online retail, the growth rate in the western provinces of Guizhou and Qinghai just below. Only in November 11th this year on the same day, the purchase of Shaanxi province in the major electricity supplier platform accumulated over 3 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of nearly 50% over the previous year. Among them, the purchase price of Ali platform more than 2 billion 400 million yuan, the purchase price of more than $480 million in Jingdong platform, Suning platform to buy $190 million. 11, at 16:13 to 20 seconds, only more than 16 hours, the amount of consumption of Internet users in on the same day last year exceeded the amount of spending on the same day in Shaanxi. Among them, the double 11 the first hour, Shaanxi consumers online shopping 744 million yuan of goods, and in 2013, double the day Shaanxi trading volume of $870 million only a difference of more than 100 million yuan. Up to now, the province accounted for nearly half of online shopping users, the province’s online sellers up to 180 thousand. The development of e-commerce in Shaanxi has also led to the employment of about 200 thousand people, an annual growth rate of more than 30%, and led to the rapid growth of consulting services, logistics and express delivery industry, indirectly created a large number of jobs. Shaanxi County 30 shortlisted for the national electricity supplier comprehensive demonstration county following the 15 counties in 2015 Luochuan county was listed as national e-commerce in rural comprehensive demonstration county, this year in Guanzhong Meixian, Shaanxi 15 Ziyang County has been listed as a national e-commerce in rural comprehensive demonstration county, the province entered a new domestic circulation line the era of integration of the development of the next line. 1~9 months of this year, the province’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 245 billion yuan, an increase of about 30%, ranking the country’s total number of online retail sales of $29 billion 700 million, the network has become a new consumer spending growth in the province of the network. At the same time, Shaanxi continues to focus on the advantages of resources, with the help of the Alibaba, Jingdong, Tencent, Shaanxi Suning, postal and other large well-known enterprises to promote e-commerce into the countryside, the construction and operation of the electricity supplier service center has 110, 47 outlets, covering a total of 80 counties across the province (area). At present, the village has been building more than 13 thousand service sites, e-commerce services covering the village of 5000. 2020, the province’s electricity supplier turnover will reach 700 billion yuan, the provincial government recently issued a number of opinions on the development of e-commerce. Opinions proposed to vigorously develop e-commerce, foster economic development in our province a new driving force, by 2020, the province’s e-commerce transactions will reach 700 billion yuan, the network retail sales will exceed $170 billion相关的主题文章: